5 Summer Activities to Keep Kids’ Memory Sharp during Summer Vacation

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In this article, Summer is the time when kids build memories. And kids will look back at vacations, day trips, picnics and other outings with nostalgia. But that’s not all they’ll remember. They’ll remember the bad (e.g., being bored at home, fights with siblings). And so as parents we want to help them make every day in summer something they’ll want to remember. Here are five Summer Activities to help your Kids have fun and Increase their Memory Power too! 1. Create a Memory book of the best Moments of the Year 2. Alphabet Games and Number Games 3. Create the Grocery List 4. Board Games and other Indoor Games 5. Puzzles https://cambridgemontessoriglobal.org/5-summer-activities-to-keep-kids-memory-sharp-during-summer-vacation/


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