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High loading time of any website can disappoint web visitors and can create problems for any business. If you are facing problems related with loading time of WordPress website, then connect with WPoppo, they know how to deal with WP speed optimization issues.


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WP WPoppo Your WordPress Friend What Makes a WordPress Site Slow? Won’t you prefer having a fantastically crafted WordPress website that loads on the blink of the eye and provides site visitors a gratifying user experience? We know you are nodding

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WP Because the fact is known to all that the loading time of a website plays a prominent role in engaging customers, and hence WordPress speed optimization is must. Today to attain a perfect business momentum, it is vital to check those issues that may be affecting website performance in terms of speed. WPoppo Your WordPress Friend

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WP WPoppo Your WordPress Friend Have a look at top five reasons that hampers the site speed and thus affects online business performance- Unoptimized Images Running Too Many Plugins Using a “Free” Third-Party WordPress Theme A Wrong Choice of Host Site Having Spaghetti Code

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WP WPoppo Your WordPress Friend Unoptimized Images If a WordPress website has stunning, high quality and high-resolution images, then they sadly stretch the loading time resulting in slower website. To check this, optimizing images through popular plugins is a great resort .

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WP WPoppo Your WordPress Friend Site Having Spaghetti Code Spaghetti code is can put a site in trouble- a complex code developed by several coders can create issues and increase the load time of site. It is must to clean the code all the time to attain suitable site performance.

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WP WPoppo Your WordPress Friend Running Too Many Plugins When several heavy plugins, installed on a website, it makes the website act like a lazy panda. It is a good idea to check plugins performance for your site using another plugins called P3 that shows you how each plugins impacts loading time of your WordPress site and what adjustments are needed.

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WP WPoppo Your WordPress Friend Using a “Free” Third-Party WordPress Theme A free theme can be a treat for the fact that it saves your precious bucks, but can burden you with several issues including viruses, spyware and slow loading time. Better invest in some premium theme from the official WordPress theme repository that ensures optimal performance and support.

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WP WPoppo Your WordPress Friend A Wrong Choice of Host Using cheap/shared hosting can be rated as one of the major issue affecting site performance negatively. When running the WordPress.org platform, you need a Web host for your site- consider opting for a well known host, which usually runs between $4 and $8 per month.

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To tackle these and more issues regarding site loading time, you need to avail the assistance of professionals who know the knack of WP speed optimization To get awesome WordPress speed optimization services , it is highly recommended to route to some leading WordPress development company and ask for their expert services. One such company is WPoppo ;visit their website today www.wpoppo.com WPoppo Your WordPress Friend WP

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