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1 ITNS and CERIAS CISSP Luncheon Series: Cryptography Presented by Addam Schroll, CISSP


Outline 2


Introduction 3

History – The Manual Era: 

History – The Manual Era 4

History – The Mechanical Era: 

History – The Mechanical Era 5

History – The Modern Era: 

History – The Modern Era 6

Speak Like a Crypto Geek: 

Speak Like a Crypto Geek 7

Speak Like a Crypto Geek (2): 

Speak Like a Crypto Geek (2) 8

Cryptosystem Services: 

Cryptosystem Services 9

Types of Cryptography: 

Types of Cryptography 10

Encryption Systems: 

Encryption Systems 11

Encryption Systems: 

Encryption Systems 12


Steganography 13

Cryptographic Methods: 

Cryptographic Methods 14

Cryptographic Methods: 

Cryptographic Methods 15

Attributes of Strong Encryption: 

Attributes of Strong Encryption 16

Symmetric Algorithms: 

Symmetric Algorithms 17

Symmetric Algorithms: 

Symmetric Algorithms 18

Asymmetric Algorithms: 

Asymmetric Algorithms 19

Hashing Algorithms: 

Hashing Algorithms 20

Hashing Algorithms: 

Hashing Algorithms 21

Birthday Attack: 

Birthday Attack 22

Message Authentication Codes: 

Message Authentication Codes 23

Digital Signatures: 

Digital Signatures 24

Encryption Management: 

Encryption Management 25

Public Key Infrastructure: 

Public Key Infrastructure 26

PKI Components: 

PKI Components 27

PKI Cross Certification: 

PKI Cross Certification 28


Cryptanalysis 29


Cryptanalysis 30

Cryptanalysis Attacks: 

Cryptanalysis Attacks 31

Cryptanalysis Attacks: 

Cryptanalysis Attacks 32

Cryptanalysis Attacks: 

Cryptanalysis Attacks 33

Cryptanalysis Attacks: 

Cryptanalysis Attacks 34

E-mail Security Protocols: 

E-mail Security Protocols 35

Network Security: 

Network Security 36

Network Security: 

Network Security 37


Questions? 38

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