Cold War what is a cold war

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 starter activity By the 1970s the US and the USSR each had enough nuclear weapons to blow the world up several times over. Can you explain this cartoonist’s joke?

Characteristics of Cold War: 

Characteristics of Cold War Suspicions between capitalists & communists Propaganda Espionage Nuclear arms race Space race

Why did the wartime alliance breakdown?: 

Why did the wartime alliance breakdown? Background to the Cold War

Damage caused by WWII: 

Damage caused by WWII Houses, factories, shops & entire cities destroyed by bombing By 1945, millions of sick, hungry & homeless & refugees across Europe Millions had lost their lives Which country had suffered most? How did this affect its relations with other countries after the war?

Conflicting ideologies: 

Conflicting ideologies Before the war many countries could claim to be superpowers: USA, USSR, Britain, Germany, Japan, France, Italy By 1945 only 2 clear superpowers: US & USSR Conflicting ideologies: capitalism & communism What joke is this cartoonist saying about relations between the Grand Alliance after 1945?

Political changes in Europe: 

Political changes in Europe Most European countries occupied by Germany & run by governors With no German govt., who would govern Europe? Resistance movements: communist, e.g. Greece & Turkey or non-communist e.g. France?

Rise of US: 

Rise of US 1941, Germany invaded Russia Western allies delayed opening of 2nd front US developed atomic bomb independently US economic threat (50% global manufacture) US air & naval supremacy Communism undemocratic

 Your task: 

 Your task List the differences between capitalist and communist ideologies Create a short timeline outlining the key events of the Cold War era.

Key events: 

Key events 1945, Yalta & Potsdam conferences Soviet expansion in E. Europe 1946, Iron Curtain 1947, Truman Doctrine & Marshall Plan 1949, NATO 1955, Warsaw Pact 1961, Berlin Wall 1962, Cuban Missile Crisis Cuban Missile Crisis Berlin Wall – last days

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