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Healthy Child Version Flying Friends/Posture Pod Fitness Fun for Everyone Straighten Up

About : 

Straighten Up Healthy Child Version is a 3-minute spinal health program designed to help children feel and look their best. The program is divided into three quick sessions: The Star (warm up), the Flying Friends (posture pod), and the Core Balance (wrap up). Through the help of two friends, Vibes and Viggie, children can learn these daily exercises for promoting their spinal health, improving their posture, and preventing spinal subluxations and disability. Performance of the Flying Friends (posture pod) takes about 30-40 seconds About Straighten Up

Parents, please read:: 

Parents, please read: Notice: The following exercises are designed for healthy children. If your child has a disorder or disability which limits activity and movement, please check with your chiropractor or other healthcare expert to make sure this program is appropriate for your child’s specific needs. Your doctor may also help you adapt this program for your child’s use. If any exercise causes sharp or shooting pain your child should stop the activity and let an adult know that they have a problem with the exercise.

Hi, Boys and Girls!: 

Hi, Boys and Girls! We’re Vibes and Viggie, and we’re excited to help you learn how to take care of your spine. We will show you some exercises you can do everyday, called Viggie Vibes Always remember to stop if any exercise hurts. Straighten Up

First, let’s let Viggie teach you how to stand like an : 

First, let’s let Viggie teach you how to stand like an Stand straight and tall with your head high. Put your ears, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles in a straight line like Viggie. Pull your belly button toward your spine. INNER WINNER:

….and Vibes has an exercise you can do before and after the others, called the : 

….and Vibes has an exercise you can do before and after the others, called the Breathe deeply and calmly relax your tummy. Let your head hang loosely forward and gently roll it from one side to the other. Using your fingers, gently rub the area just below the back of your head on your neck Relax your shoulders and gently roll them backward. Do this for a count of 15 ! TRAP OPENERS:

Relax and breathe. : 

Relax and breathe. You’re Doing Great !!


Stand like an Inner Winner! (Head up high & pull your belly button in.) Put your arms straight out and pull your shoulders together in the back. Breathe air in and slowly raise your arms until your hands touch together over your head. Breathe air out and slowly lower your arms to your side. Repeat 3 to 5 times. The Eagle 2. The Flying Friends/Posture Pod


In the Inner Winner put your arms out to the side with your hands up and pull your shoulders together in the back. Make small backward circles with your hands and arms. Bend at your waist from side to side while you keep the circles going. Keep it going while you count to 10! The Hummingbird


Stand like an Inner Winner ! (Head up & pull your belly button in.) Put your arms behind your head and gently pull your elbows backward. Slowly and gently press your head against your hands while you count to 2. Relax and breathe. Repeat this 3 times. The Butterfly


Do some like Vibes showed you earlier. Gently rub the back of your head and neck with your fingers. Roll your shoulders backward. GOOD JOB! TRAP OPENERS


Check out and for more about Straighten Up.

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