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Gerunds can function as: (subjects, objects, subject complements) As subjects, they take a singular verb. Gerunds can be object of the preposition. You will recognize that gerunds come from verbs, but… they act as NOUNS!!! NOUNS

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To form gerunds , use the base form + ing (don’t’ forget the rules for spelling of ing form of verbs) I enjoy learning English To form negative gerunds, use not + gerund Not speaking English well is my biggest problem in this country.

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Gerunds are used as subject of the sentence Dancing i s fun So Gerunds can be both subjective and objective!

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Gerunds are used as objects He enjoys football p laying

Verbs that take only Gerunds:

Verbs that take only Gerunds Keep Mention Mind Miss Postpone Quit Recall Recommend Resent suggest Appreciate Avoid Delay Deny Discuss Dislike Enjoy Excuse Finish understand

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Let’s listen to/watch this song !

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Listen and Learn …

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