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Burn Bud is a modern gadget that condenses all your smoking essentials at https://premiumgrinders.com/ This is a new type of concept in smoking accessories. Small, portable and discreet smoking tool. Please note that the lighter is not included. Burn Bud is an all in one smoking accessory. The Burn Bud has everything you need to hold your important smoking accessories. It is a grinder and dispenser all in one. It also has storage, an etched grinder card, bottle opener, lighter holster for a small bic lighter, a wick holder if you prefer to use wicks. Product/Brand: 7 Pipe Glass Blunt Twisty Burn Bud Cali Crusher Grinder Herb Grinders Incredibowl Contact us Phone No-(1800) 630-9350 Email- info@premiumgrinders.com Social Links: http://prometheuspipes.strikingly.com/ https://ello.co/prometheuspipes https://www.scoop.it/u/spacecasegrinder


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1 We take pride in offering quality products that will exceed with your expectations .

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3 The Bud Bomb Pipe is an indestructible all stainless steel pipe that delivers a quick simple and smooth smoking experience. Inside the Bud Bomb is a steel spiral or helix that the smoke must travel through before reaching the mouthpiece cleaning and cooling the smoke along the way. By the time the smoke reaches the mouthpiece you will have a nice cool and smooth pull.

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4 Cali Crusher Homegrown 4 part grinder. This grinder is American made and is the next level in grinder technology packed with features unseen on any other grinder before. Homegrown Grinders are made of top shelf Aerospace medical grade aluminum with indestructible radial cut blades that are covered under a Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty.

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5 EASY GRINDER is a fully automatic electronic grinder and dispenser. It operates on a Li-Ion chargeable battery. Easy Gri n de r ’ s long lasting Li-Ion battery allows for up to 300 grinds at full battery. When the battery is fully charged it will last 2 hours. It will grind your tobacco with a simple push of a button and the smart tip will dispense your material exactly where you point it. It has a removable chamber that can accommodate up to 2.5 grams of herbs.

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6 The Incredibowl i420 Deluxe Set includes the Incredibowl Standard i420 pipe repair kit cleaning poker and 2 spare glass bowls. Standard Size 10.7 ″ tube which is equipped with a 13-hole Annular Purge Carb„ integrated with a filtration system and an anodized Bowl Armor„ ¢. The filtration system catches unwanted debris and unwanted particles before the smoke enters the shatter proof expansion chamber.

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8 7 Pipe Twisty Mini smoking pipe. This is a smaller scaled down version of the Twisty Original Glass Blunt. Founded in 2007 in California 7 Pipe has become the worldwide leader in specialized glass pipe design. With over 36 million views on their Twisty Glass Blunt product video alone it’ s easy to see why countless fakes have tried to copy their patented designs. This smaller version measures about 3 ″ in length.

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9 Kannastor Black Series Grinders. The new black series are medical grade aluminum that has been anodized in the color black. These anodized Kannastor grinders are coated to prevent scratching. Kannastor metal herb grinders storage containers are made from the highest quality anodized and medical grade aluminum to ensure a consistent grind every time. Kannastor makes complex grinders that are ideal for grinding for vaporizers or smoking blends.

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