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Are you looking for new flavors online website for cakes? Visit for the new flavors of Chocolate Fruit Cake Chocolate Fruit Cake offers this unforgettable flavor. You can send this cake to any session, party, birthday festival, wedding or gift to someone here. There are many options available in cake, cakes flavors and designs. You can order or book for your favorite cake at your desired time, day and place, and order with it. You can also take advantage of services such as special combo offers and midnight cake delivery services. More Info:-


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Learn about a variety of cakes at CAKENGIFTS.IN?:

Learn about a variety of cakes at CAKENGIFTS.IN? Contact no :- 9540338338

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Some Best Basic Birthday Cakes ® Different types of cakes and their unique flavors, from cakes to sponge cake, to know about all cakes, visit Here you can get all kinds of information in the cake bar, Includes famous examples of. like :- 1. Cake by Types 2. Cake by Occasion 3. Cake by Flowers

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Cake By Types :- 1. Kids Cake 2. Round Cake 3. Photo Cakes 4. Square Cake 5. Eggless Cake 6. Designer Cakes 7. Multi Tier Cake 8. Heart Shaped Cake 9. Celebration Cakes Heart Shaped Cake

Kids Cake:

Kids Cake Children love cakes and love from CakenGifts is very similar to this because it is very cute customer that it is liked by the child and their parents who brought a flavorsome array of children's cake online with children like design and color Our child's cake range has many designs such as Barbie cake, small bheem cake, super hero cake, photo cake and etc. 1.

Eggless Cake:

Eggless Cake Many people do not like eggs and they do not eat cakes due to egg because there is a component in it. Therefore, to solve this problem, we have come up with an egg-free luscious cake online, only egg-based cake is egg-based and there is only one difference in egg-less cake without eggs, instead they are cooked with the help of other ingredients Has happened. 2 .

Photo Cakes:

Photo Cakes There are new trends in photo cakes in many cakes such as this food photo concept on cake. So our chef also thought that to add it to our bakery so that our customers can eat luscious photo cake online. We do not add any artificial color and harmful ingredients in the cake. 3.

Heart Shaped Cake:

Heart Shaped Cake The size of the cake's heart makes the moment more romantic if you are planning a date or Valentine's Eve with your partner, then the cake is perfect for the festivities. Your parents, your or any other anniversary special gift to make them heart-shaped cakes and fill a little bit of love in the moment. 4.

Round Cake:

Round Cake Cake round shape The most demanded size of cake Most people like this size for their cake. Many different designs and flavors can be made in round shaped cake. This gift is the most authentic for anyone and they will surely love you with efforts. There are many different types of flavors in round shaped cakes at which you are definitely going to love. 5.

Square Cake:

Square Cake Square shape cakes are very attractive in appearance and any design can be done for them Photo cakes are mostly of size because this photo can be easily printed. And not only photo design but most designs can easily be made on a square-sized cake. You will find a wide range of square cakes on CakenGifts 6.

Designer Cakes:

Designer Cakes To celebrate and celebrate your celebration with simple cake only here for our customers, many different flavors and designs have come up with a variety of designer cakes, which surely you and your guests like it. We offer our customers many attractive designs according to each of their festivities. 7 .

Multi Tier Cake:

Multi Tier Cake Multi-level cakes look very classic and authentic Everyone wants to get it at least once for their special occasions but stop thinking about its rate, for all the people who crave for multi-level cakes and For those who have already tried them, but are not satisfied yet, has come in huge variety of these cakes and very affordable prices. 8 .

Celebration Cakes:

Celebration Cakes We all have many moments in our lives when we celebrate them all, so for all those special moments, we should celebrate with a special celebration cake to enjoy the party and it will have to be more joyful . CakenGifts is offering wide flavors and designs to our customers online celebration cake. Go and order it now 9 .


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