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Tarsus Capital of Cilicia. Strategically located between Mediterranean Sea and the “Cilician Gates.” Important commercial and intellectual center.

Tarsus “Cleopatra’s Gate”: 

Tarsus “Cleopatra’s Gate” One of few surviving artifacts of Tarsus’ ancient glory. Commemorated visit of Queen Cleopatra to Marc Antony in 38 BC. Tarsus was an important center of high culture and Stoic philosophy. Greek geographer Strabo says Tarsus rivaled Athens in the pursuit of philosophy and learning.

“Cilician Gates”: 

“Cilician Gates” Strategic passage through Taurus Mountains to interior of Asia Minor

Taurus Mountains: 

Taurus Mountains Rugged range separating Cilicia from interior of Asia Minor. Passage at “Cilician Gates” put Tarsus on a strategic route.

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