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Cycling Scotland . Cycle Training Works .: 

Cycling Scotland . Cycle Training Works .

Cycling Scotland . : 

Cycling Scotland . Non-profit organisation Registered charity Core funded by Scottish Government National agency


Previously (and still) known as cycle proficiency A system that teaches basic on-road cycle manoeuvres and safety message principally to young road users In Scotland all local authorities adopted SCTS What is Cycle Training? .


UK National Standard for instructors, candidates and schemes – UKCTB Instructor competencies – plan, prepare and deliver Candidate competencies – 3 levels Scheme Assessment This is the Benchmark supersedes ROSPA guidelines National Standard .


1 - Cycle control skills, 2 - On-road manoeuvres, 3 - More advanced junctions SCTS – (if delivered on road) – Level 2 RSB – level 1, GBC level 3 3 Levels .


One of a set of interventions that could encourage more young people to cycle to school more often and more competently Part of the progressions to being a safe and regular cyclist Part of the progressions to being a responsible road user Over 30% want to cycle to school Why is cycle Training Important? .


79% increase in short journeys 144% increase in no trips 40% increase in numbers cycling all year Trained 75% Safe – 25% Unsafe Un-trained 53% Safe – 47% Unsafe Cycle Training Works .


Practical more effective than classroom delivery Most effective on-road Multistage delivery over several weeks Effect lasts for at least 2 years (road safety knowledge transferable) What Works .


Why Cycling Matters . A Healthier Scotland – cycling tackles obesity, inactivity A Greener Scotland – 27% emmissions transport sector, 65% car journeys less than 5 miles – replace with cycling A Wealthier Scotland – economic impact of MTB, cycle tourism, health savings, congestion savings


An obese person dies on average nine years earlier than somebody of normal weight, while a very obese person's life is cut short by an average of 13 years. Active travel can contribute to the recommended 1 hour per day of physical activity


The exercise bike that takes you places !


Mr Thomas, who went on to become a carpenter, has never lost some of the habits picked up as a child and, aged 88, is still a keen walker. "I was able to go out quite freely - I'd ride my bike around the estate, play with friends in the park and walk to the swimming pool and to school," said Mrs Grant, 36. "He can go out in the crescent but he doesn't tend to go out because the other children don't. We put a bike in the car and go off to the country where we can all cycle together. "It's not just about time. Traffic is an important consideration, as is the fear of abduction, but I'm not sure whether that's real or perceived."


Increased number of cyclists improves overall road safety Health – Physical & Mental wellbeing Confident & Independent young people Environmental – Climate Change, Energy Descent, Security (Al Gore effect) Reduce Congestion Additional Benefits .


Delivery Challenge Safety Perceptions Challenges .


60,000 clients in a single year group – p6 90 road safety officers Changing Volunteer Base Standards – Making On-Road the norm Local Coordination & Commitment Delivery Challenge .


6,400 - 10% on-road training 2001 12,800 - 20% off-road training 2001 36,901 or 60% according to RSS figures in 2004 24,265 in 2006 (still awaiting some figures 12,000) 7,320 - on-road training in 2006 Delivery Challenge .


9 local authority 100% off-road However all requested signs indicating a shift to on-road 9 local authorities currently deliver some on-road Delivery Challenge .


Safety Perceptions . On-Road principal network for home to school journeys – 42,000km B,C unclassified Speed Traffic Volume Stranger Danger


Mitigations . Safe Routes to School School Travel Plans Traffic Calming – Speed Restrictions Segregation Drive to School Cycle Trains Cycle with Parent


Cycling as a Solution . Sustainable Transport – Cycling to School School Travel Coordinators Eco Schools Active Schools Cycling Scotland Sustrans Scottish Cycling Forestry Commission


You’re not alone . Active Schools – assistance in delivering, recruiting volunteers Cycling Scotland – instructor training, additional resources Sustainable Transport Team – Policy, Funding School Travel Coordinators – School Travel Plans

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