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Selected homme clothing items available from Pyrmd at lowest rates. With the online store functioning, the best men's clothing items can be availed with minimal effort and complete peace of mind.


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PowerPoint Presentation: INTRODUCTION PYRMD is a leading name in the clothing industry and hence offers a wide range of clothing and provides a comfort fit which is available in playful prints and patterns. 1

PowerPoint Presentation: INDEX Introduction About us Our Brands Our Vision Our Collection Contact Us 2

PowerPoint Presentation: ABOUT US Pyrmd offers the best quality clothing at lowest rates. All reputed brands are available. Both normal as well plus sizes are available for clients to make the pick. With wide range of items to choose from, shopping for male clothing never looked better. 3

PowerPoint Presentation: OUR BRANDS We believe in individuality so this is the theme throughout our site, don’t be a high street sheep following the crowd, and dare to be different, stand alone. 4

PowerPoint Presentation: OUR VISION We don't claim to be perfect but we do want to do our bit, using eco-friendly packaging and showcasing green brands is the start, we hope to bring you more ethical companies and keep on bettering ourselves to remove our carbon footprint and have a beneficial effect on the environment. 5

PowerPoint Presentation: OUR COLLECTION Clothing Footwear Accessories Look Book 6

PowerPoint Presentation: CONTACT US Phone No: 0808 172 9449 Email: Website: 7

PowerPoint Presentation: QUESTIONS 8

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