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This is an introduction to nouns verbs and adjectives. It includes information, examples and quizzes on each.


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Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives : 

Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives A Tutorial to Three Basic Parts of Speech By Caitlin Gedris Quit

Parts of Speech: : 

Parts of Speech: Nouns Verbs Adjectives More information Quit

Nouns : 

Nouns What is a noun? Sample Sentences Take the Quiz See a video Quit “Chick “is a noun!

Verbs : 

Verbs Quit What is a verb? Sample Sentences Take the Quiz See a video “Run” is a verb!

Adjectives : 

Adjectives Quit What is an adjective? Sample Sentences Take the Quiz See a video “Soft” is an adjective!

What is a noun? : 

What is a noun? A noun is a word that names a person, place, thing or idea. A noun can be the subject of a sentence, but a noun can also be referred to less directly. For example: Both horses and grass are nouns. Quit The two horses ate some grass. Click for examples Noun Main Page

What is a verb? : 

What is a verb? Quit Click for examples A verb tells you something about the subject of a sentence. This could be an action that it does or a state that it is in. Linking verbs are words like “was” and “am” that can go before another verb in a sentence: Jake was swimming in a pool. Verb Main Page

What is an adjective? : 

What is an adjective? Quit Click for examples Adjective Main Page An adjective describes the qualities of a noun. It could be, for example, a color, texture, feeling , size, height or condition. She played the big, red, beautiful drum.

Noun Sample Sentences : 

Noun Sample Sentences The fire warmed the campers until they climbed into their sleeping bags inside the tent. Danielle and Dante stood on the bridge, where they saw a boat, a seagull and an airplane. A bug landed on top of a building with a big roof and a balcony. Quit Noun Main Page

Verb Sample Sentences : 

Verb Sample Sentences Anita and Latoya rode on a rollercoaster, swam in the pool, climbed a tree and saw a movie. I am going to live in Manhattan after I finish going to school and volunteering. The fox hid from the dog that chased it while it barked. Quit Verb Main Page

Adjective Sample Sentences : 

Adjective Sample Sentences The sweet, creamy dessert was beautiful on the tiny blue plate. A hairy brown beetle and a fuzzy white mouse crept across the cold hard floor. The tall, arrogant ostrich made a large graceful leap. Quit Adjective Main Page

Verb Examples : 

Verb Examples Action verbs include things like running and jumping, thinking and believing. Move, break, understand and reach fit into this category. Linking verbs include words like was, will be, and became. Quit Verb Main Page

Noun Examples : 

Noun Examples Quit Place Nouns Person Nouns Thing Nouns Idea Nouns Noun Main Page Click the pictures to learn more about nouns

Adjective Examples : 

Adjective Examples Adjectives can describe many things about a noun. This can include temperature, as in hot, cold, and warm. This can be a texture like rough or silky. They can describe a person’s feelings, like angry, or what they look like, as in tall or pale. Quit Adjective Main Page A hot fire and a fuzzy kitten

Person Nouns : 

Person Nouns A person noun can be a specific name, like Karen, Jorge, or Obama. Even your name is a noun! It can also be a role that one is, like clown, firefighter, dancer or student. Quit Noun Main Page

Place Nouns : 

Place Nouns A place noun can refer to any location, near or far. It can be the planet Jupiter, or a grocery store. It could be California, Grand Rapids, or a kitchen. The place where you are right now is a verb! Quit Noun Main Page

Thing Nouns : 

Thing Nouns Quit Noun Main Page A thing noun can refer to any object, large or small. A statue, table, pin, fence, bottle, sword, cup, mountain, and cactus are all thing nouns. This group can also refer to things that are alive, like trees and animals, but you may choose to call your dog a person noun!

Idea Nouns : 

Idea Nouns Quit Noun Main Page Idea nouns express something that can be made into a subject, but they can’t be touched and they have no physical qualities. This could be a religion like Islam, or a feeling like love or happiness. Freedom, sadness, Christianity and anger fit here.

Noun Quiz Part 1 : 

Noun Quiz Part 1 1) Pick the noun from the sentence: My cat began to look very dirty. 2)A noun is a person, place, idea or ____. 3)When someone talks about you, your name is a noun. Quit cat my dirty began wish reality thing adjective false true Noun Main Page

Noun Quiz Part 2 : 

Noun Quiz Part 2 4) Which word below IS a noun? 5) Which word below IS NOT a noun? 6) The subject of a sentence is considered to be a noun. Quit skunk surprised laughed swim bottle love throw happiness true false Noun Main Page

Verb Quiz Part 1 : 

Verb Quiz Part 1 1) A verb that goes before another verb in a sentence is called a ___ verb. 2) A verb has to involve something that moves, like “run” and “jump”. 3) Choose the word below that IS NOT a verb. Quit linking pure leaping preparing false true sweet think like follow Verb Main Page

Verb Quiz Part 2 : 

Verb Quiz Part 2 4) Choose the verb from the sentence: Alexa mowed her neighbor’s grass for five dollars. 5) Which word below IS a verb? 6) Choose the verb from the sentence: The orange cat climbed to the top of the tree. Quit five grass mowed Alexa carpet magic yellow forget orange cat climbed tree Noun Main Page

Adjective Quiz Part 1 : 

Adjective Quiz Part 1 1) An adjective explains what action is happening. 2) Choose the adjective from the sentence: The slippery snake slithered back home. 3) Which of the following words IS an adjective? Quit false true home slithered snake slippery game kangaroo fabric crunchy Adjective Main Page

Adjective Quiz Part 2 : 

Adjective Quiz Part 2 4) An adjective can describe what color or texture something is. 5) Pick the adjective from the following sentence: The cold snow fell from the sky. 6) Which word IS NOT and adjective? Quit false true sky fell snow cold perfect rice plump rainy Adjective Main Page

Correct Answer! : 

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Incorrect Answer. Keep trying! : 

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More Information : 

More Information Video about many other parts of speech Project Resources Send me and email Quit

Project Resources : 

Project Resources Video Links: Picture Credits (Used with permissions granted through Creative Commons) Horses grazing Flickr, User: BobMacInnes Albert Einstein Flickr, User: ThomasThomas The Last Sunray - Barcelona Flickr, User: MorBCN Slinky Flickr, User: unloveablesteve Peace Baby!!! Flickr, User: srqpix Cat and fire Flixkr, user: Michel Filion Swim Flickr, User: Alex Campos Red Ceremonial Drum Flickr, User: catface3 Palo Alto Firefighter 455 Flickr, user: smokeshowing Children’s day Flickr, user: M@rg New living room Flixkr, user: Robleto Aloe dichotoma (Quiver Tree) Flickr, user: Martin Heigan Wrought iron heart Flixkr User Bib.Fornal San Francisco - Golden Gate Bridge "Chain Linked Fence" Flixkr, user: David Paul Ohmer Skate fllickr,, user:Garp B Quit

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