Best Mattress for Back Pain


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Say goodbye to bad back pain with our range of ergonomic mattresses & beds. Find the best mattress for your bad back online or in-store.


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Mattresses For Back Pain :

Mattresses For Back Pain


Whether is be through injury, illness or age, back problems can be debilitating and chronic. When we have such issues we need to: Obtain correct medical advice Receive correct treatment Make lifestyle decisions to minimise back pain Ensure that we have a supportive bed to reduce the effects of a bad back


To aid back pain, a variety of chiropractic mattresses are available in the market. ERGO comfort beds provide a high degree of flexibility, not seen in any conventional b ed. ERGO- comfort beds have been recognised by the ATO as a health aid, a claim no other bed manufacturer can make. Even with comfort layers, any conventional bed will not be able to support your body correctly and it will not be suitable for 2 different body types unless there is a compromise made


Bed Range Ergo ~ Ultra Fit Ergo ~ Shape Mattress Ergo ~ Line Mattress Ergo ~ Multi Milgate V3


Benefits Superior comfort Improved quality of rest Improved blood flo w and rejuvenation Alleviates shoulder stiffness and pain Eliminates roll-to-centre, even with heavy partners Provides a great lifestyle Great for keeping bodies healthy Happiness guarantee


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