Car Window Tinting Options - Selecting the Right Film for Your Windows

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Car Window Tinting Options:

Car Window Tinting Options Selecting the right film for your windows is key

One Size Fits All?:

One Size Fits All? You know you want to take the leap and get your car’s window’s tinted, but your decisions don’t stop there. You’ll actually have to choose the window film that works best for you . Here’s a quick overview of your choices.

SunTek High Performance:

SunTek High Performance SunTek window films mean keeping the heat out of your car day after day. It can also reduce the glare you see. It comes in a charcoal shade that makes your car look amazing, and it includes a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

3M Crystalline:

3M Crystalline Ready to reduce the heat in your car by up to 60%? Looking to block 99.9% of the sun’s UV rays? Then the 3M Crystalline film product for you . It reduces glare, never turns purples, and keeps your vehicle’s original appearance intact. It even enhances your visibility at night.

SunTek Carbon XP:

SunTek Carbon XP If you want to go with the latest window film technology , this is absolutely the way to go. SunTek Carbon XP is the hottest development in non-metal, nano -hybrid, carbon technology. It includes a non-reflective, non-fading black finish, and it won’t interfere with your phone, GPS, or even your radio.

3M Color Stable Technology:

3M Color Stable Technology The 3M Color Stable product can block up to 99% of UV rays and reduces the heat in your car up to 57%. It, too, never turns purple, and it’s made from a revolutionary material called nano -carbon polyester. It offers serious color stability few others do.

Paint Protection Films:

Paint Protection Films Window tinting is awesome, but customizing your car is better . 3M Scotschprint 1080 – A cast-wrap film, this whole series comes in amazing colors as well as brushed metal and a carbon fiber look. You can use it immediately without an overlaminate . Suntek Paint Protection Film – Keep your car safe from rocks, salt, and even insects with this product. It’s scratch and crack resistant and comes with a 5 year warranty.

Making the Choice:

Making the Choice Having your car’s windows tinted or paint protection film applied can mean real benefits. When you are ready and have made your window film choice , turn to Cactus Window Tinting for the best job in the business.

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