The Benefits of Tinting Office Windows


Presentation Description–There are many benefits to tinting office windows. Commercial window tinting can reduce the temperature of your office by 15 degrees, your employees work with a greater level of efficiency, as it can reduce glare by 85% and 99% of harmful UV rays will be blocked.


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The Benefits of Tinting Office Windows:

The Benefits of Tinting Office Windows What You May Not Have Considered

Glass is Beautiful:

Thanks to modern architecture techniques, having a window friendly office is quite common. After all, it makes the structure more beautiful, leading to greater job satisfaction as well as better client connections. Who ever heard of dreaming of a corner office with no windows? As fantastic as it is to have lots of natural light, though, there are some serious drawbacks. Glass is Beautiful http://

The Problems:

The Problems Lots of windows mean a higher temperature inside the building. That can lead to higher energy costs for you. Windows mean the potential for glare. Whether it’s against your employees’ computer monitors or it’s on the TV where you’re trying to show a training video or a presentation to a client, glare can be a real issue. Windows also mean the potential for UV rays. They can have a damaging effect on your wood floors inside your office, any woodwork you may have, your walls, the artwork, the carpeting, and even your skin. http://

The Solution:

The Solution Commercial window tinting is the best way to move forward. It can reduce the temperature of your office by 15 degrees. Your employees can look forward to a greater level of efficiency, as it can reduce glare by 85%. UV rays entering your structure will be reduced by 99 %.

Going Green:

Going Green Many companies are looking for eco-friendly practices that are simple to implement, and office window tinting is one of many. It can help to improve energy efficiency within your building and installation is a fairly low impact procedure.

The Secret to Your Success:

The Secret to Your Success Office window tinting doesn’t have to mean darkened windows. In fact, you can go with a clear window tinting that offers you all of the benefits of window tinting without the dark windows. When visibility is the key to success, this is the perfect solution. Whether you have a car dealership, a carpeting store, or simply a business along a well-traveled sidewalk, clear window tinting is the way to get the benefits without reduced visibility.

Need Privacy?:

Need Privacy? While some window tinting options mean your customers don’t miss a thing, there are other options that are ideal if your company needs a bit of privacy. The tinting process can mean that you see outside during the day, but prying eyes can’t see inside. This is perfect for dental offices, medical buildings, and other spaces where you need that extra touch.

Enhance Security:

Enhance Security Whether you’ve already had a break-in or you’re just looking to prevent one, there are also a number of window tinting options to help reduce security concerns. By adding it, you can rest assured that it’s much harder to gain access to your building, helping reduce your liability.

Lots of Reasons, One Name:

Lots of Reasons, One Name There are many great reasons to consider commercial window tinting, but there’s just one name in the business to turn to – Cactus Window Tint . With decades of experience in commercial window tinting, they can help you choose the right products, right now.

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