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Cables4sure is a small business owned by a woman founded in March 2001. It was created to provide the customers a convinient place for online shopping of connectivity products that includes network cables, ethernet cables, cat5e cables, patch cables etc.


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Know all about Network Cables:

Know all about Network Cables

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Pick up the proper network cable for computer network There are different categories of network cables available today for computer network but they come with different levels of effectiveness and the most important fact is the cable must have to be compatible with the various devices used in a computer network. Choosing the right network cable for the computer network is a baffling task for the network owner.

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Difficulties of wrong network cable selection A wrong selection of network cable can result in data transmission issues like: Crosstalk Slow speed Signal loss Signal alterations If you want to optimize the efficiency of a computer network, then you have to install switches and hubs and the cable you use needs to be compliant with the standard of these devices.

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Different categories of network cable Shielded Network Cable Unshielded Network Cable Crossover Cable Stranded Cable Solid Cable

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Contact Us for more details AVM International Ltd.Inc. 21011 Johnson St, #122 Pembroke pines, FL 33029 Phone: 1-954-436-6301 Fax: 1-866-231-9058 Sales department: 1-888-869-0286 ext:1 mail: Customer service: 1-888-869-0286 ext:0 mail:

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