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VERSACE founded in 1978, the brand logo is a myth in the snake demon Medusa, represents a fatal attraction .

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From Italian well-known luxury brand Versace has created a fashion empire, represents a family of brands, Versace's fashion permeates every area of life, Versace brand distinctive design style, the unique beauty, a strong characterization of avant-garde art it swept the globe. Its distinctive design style is unique and highly aesthetic avant-garde art of the symbol.

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Which are those that show the unique charm of the Renaissance is full of features gorgeous style with rich imagination. These models sexy beautiful, feminine, colorful, both operatic super-flat real gorgeous, but also give full consideration to wear comfortable and appropriate display size. Versace also operates perfume, ties, leather goods, bags, china, glassware, down products, furniture products.

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Versace's design style is very distinctive, unique and highly aesthetic art pioneer, emphasizing the fun and sexy, normally open neckline to the waist, designers pluck the noble classical style of luxury, extravagance Korea, but also give full consideration to comfort and appropriate display size. Versace good use of noble and luxurious fabrics, with the bias cut way to produce high-end clothing.

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