Podcast 1 - Computers and the Information Processing Cycle

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First lesson in the serie. This lesson covers the definition of a computer, the information processing cycle and computer components.


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Programming 1:

Programming 1 Definition Information Processing Cycle Components and the Processing Cycle

What is a computer?:

What is a computer? An electronic device that operates according to control instructions stored in its memory. A computer can do 4 things: Accept data Manipulate (or process) data Produce information Store the results

What is a computer?:

What is a computer? A collection of devices that work together as a system.

Information Processing Cycle:

Information Processing Cycle Input Process Output Storage


Components Input Devices Processing Device Output Devices Storage Devices

Input Devices:

Input Devices Keyboard Mouse Microphone Scanner

Processing Device:

Processing Device Central Processing Unit

Output Devices:

Output Devices Printers Monitor Speakers

Storage Devices:

Storage Devices Internal Devices External

Internal Storage Devices:

Internal Storage Devices Read Only Memory (ROM) Random Access Memory (RAM) Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

External Storage Devices:

External Storage Devices Floppy disks Magnetic Tapes Flash Drives (also called USB drives, thumb drives, or sticks) Cell phone PDA Device I-Pod Optical Disks (CDs and DVDs)


Summary Computers: Accept data Manipulate data Produce information Store results Information Processing Cycle: Input Process Output Storage

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