Bringing Together the Power of CRM and IoT

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This article talks about the power of integrating SugarCRM portal and IoT to enhance your customer experience and grow your business. Read:


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Bringing Together the  Power of ​CRM ​ and ​IoT    According to research carried out by Gartner more than 25                     billion devices will be connected by 2020. And here we are                       already in 2020.    As per Gartners research IoT forms a connection between                   people-to-people people-to-things and things-to-things.

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Apart from that it also changes the way we live and                       constantly transforms our surroundings. For example it               expands the internet connectivity beyond the basic devices                 like laptops mobiles etc. and even connects devices like                   thermostats our watches etc.  With such larger capabilities it can make a win-win                   combination with CRM products. For example ​Sugar CRM                 client portals help businesses serving their customers for                 the better. Now when you combine them and IoT together                     it can help you in serving your customers in a better way.   Mixing Automation for Ease: IoT changes the way we live and Sugar CRM transforms the                       way enterprises operate. Imagine the wonders the               combination of these two can create. For example this                   synergy helping the environment of predictive and               preventive functionalities to send alerts for future actions.                 Such a system will notify customers in advance before they                     come across any problem provide a service or the solution                     to the issues they might face. Additionally it will decode the                       buying pattern of the customer in real-time helping the

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SugarCRM customer portal to include them in the right                   marketing campaign.  IoT decodes the buying pattern of customers in real-time by                     sharing data that help your staff members to use in the                       SugarCRM client portal or application to find the correct                   way of a marketing campaign.  The Possibilities Yes You can integrate the "Internet of Things" with the                     Sugar CRM client portal and its applications.  The following are the three vital components of IoT. They                     will be generating huge benefits for various organizations:  ● Sensors  ● Wireless Internet Connectivity  ● Data Processing Capability  Recently Gartner did a study on the drivers of CRM                     applications. According to that study the most important                 attributes for CRM drivers are Mobile Cloud Big Data and                     Social Networking. Not only this but they even stated that

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the Internet of Things is said to be the fifth driver after                         these four.    Lets understand that with an example.  Suppose there is a hearing aid company. It has become                     more advanced by introducing technology aspects. Now it                 is trying to bring innovative features in their product lists.  Those features could be Long battery life Bluetooth                 compatibility noise reduction. Not only this but it is also                     introducing products for controlling hearing aid devices               through smartphones.

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Here is how the synergy of IoT and CRM can                     work in the below scenarios: A customers hearing aids instrument battery is               malfunctioning and needs replacement in a few days. So                   here IoT will help in notifying the status of the machine.                       This will even help the staff to inform customers about the                       issue actively and update them. Additionally this will help                   customers to replace the battery and will make sure that                     they do not face issues while using the product.  Considering the second scenario a customers hearing aid is                   still under warranty and failing to work properly. Here the                     IoT will make sure that your staff comes to know about it                         immediately. Your customer service representative can call               the customer and they can even get the failed hearing aid                       replaced as it is under warranty.  Due to some reason if a customer is not using the new                         features of the hearing aid here IoT analytics will be helpful                       to you. The analytics will send alerts and your support team                       will reach out to your customers to ask them for training to                         make them aware of those new features and they can start                       using them.

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Wrapping it up: The IoT and CRM help you in the functioning of sales and                         marketing in multiple ways. The real-time data generated by                   IoT helps you to understand your customers in various                   ways.  It helps you in knowing the usage of products purchase                     patterns of customers understanding the opportunities for               cross-selling or upselling etc. These aspects help your sales                   team to understand and analyze the IoT generated data.  Additionally it will help you reduce the cost of market                     research and your team can focus on potential users with                     this data. Not only this but after studying important aspects                     of these users your staff can run a number of campaigns to                         turn them into customers.  Source: ​Bringing Together the Power of CRM and IoT

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