Minimum Government or minimizing Government


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Statistical description on minimum government and downsizing


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Minimum Government or minimizing Government?:

Minimum Government or minimizing Government? Madhu.S , Director (Projects) CPPR 6/13/2014 1


Scenario Minimum government and maximum governance Role of State Does Cabinet downsizing mean Minimum Government? 2009 Administrative Reforms Commission report envisaged a maximum of 20-25 super ministries Cost of Government 6/13/2014 2

What is downsizing?:

What is downsizing? Small government in size Limited government in role Delegating government in function Cutting cost Liberal perspective- Expanding markets State as a Social Contract- Voluntary withdrawal or minimal state 6/13/2014 3 Source: Deccan Chronicle, 31 May 2014


Cont. Excesses of Over Government? Who are the bureaucrats? Arthur Sheldon in “State is Rolling Back”- Competitive bureaucracy- phasing out Margaret Thatcher, UK and Ronald Reagan, US Republican O ver government model vs Liberal Free market model- Statism vs Anti- statism Chinese Model- Shrinking to integrate state with politics- Role of State Planning Commission 6/13/2014 4

Government of the Busy, by the Bossy, for the Bully:

Government of the Busy, by the Bossy, for the Bully To little or too much government? Is there optimal size? Armey Curve- Growth of economy and its relation with size of government (tax burden) Government system or Market system? 6/13/2014 5


Suggestions Rationalisation of departments and government- Cost –Benefit analysis Big Society(market) and small government: Chinese example Impact evaluation with performance metrics for bureaucrats and score cards for government departments Integrating technology and adoption of e-governance 6/13/2014 6


References 6/13/2014 7 “The State is Rolling Back”, Arthur Sheldon, Vol 2, Liberty Fund “The State,” Anthony de Jasay , Liberty Fund “ Antistatism and Government Downsizing: An Historical perspective”, Mary O Furner, The Urban Institute, December 1996 “Sizing the Government”, Kristoff De Witte- Wim Moesen , Public Choice (2010) 145:39-35 “Government Size and Economic Growth”, Vedder and Gallaway , Joint Economic Committee, December 1998 “Downsizing the Central Government: The case of People’s Republic of China”, Hon S Chan, Vol 2, No.3, 1999


THANK YOU 6/13/2014 8

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