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CM Answers Plugins is a powerful Questions and Answers and discussion boards for WordPress. Developed by CMplugins


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CM Answers A powerful Questions & Answers Discussion Boards for WordPress :

t CM Answers A p owerful Questions & Answers Discussion Boards for WordPress

What is CM Answers?:

What is CM Answers? CM Answers is a plugin for WordPress that enables users to post questions and answers in a StockOverflow style. It is the best Q&A plugin you can use to create a powerful interaction between you and the community , but also between them by creating a user-generated content. CM Answers Pro supports different Shortcodes which allow users to create multiple Q&A forums.

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*Feature available for the Pro version. Users can register using their Social Media account (Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn)* and start sharing, asking questions, giving answers and getting involved by voting and moderating their own topics.

Questions Page:

Questions Page You can have all the questions on one page and features can be customized to specific functionalities that meet your needs.

Questions Page:

Questions Page You can have different categories and tags for questions in order to get a better result when you search for something specific and also sort according to date/views/votes/ popularity. Each question can have attachments in order to give the users the opportunity to provide more details about their questions based on documents, drawings or other helpful materials.

Answers Page :

Answers Page The CM Answers page shows all the answers posted to each corresponding question and includes all user voting and rating scales. You can sort the answers in different ways in order to get the proper information for you.

Answers Page :

Answers Page Users can select to follow specific questions if they are interested to get the answers that are going to be generated by the community.

The user`s profile:

Users have their own profile where they can track the evolution of their interactions. The user`s profile Engage your users in powerful discussions , where they can bring their contribution.


Settings Manage your general settings, the way you moderate, the notifications and more by customizing your administrator page. Go to settings to make the best out of your Q&A page!

Plugin to your creativity!:

t Plugin to your creativity! CM Tooltip CM Answers CM Download Manager CM Ad Changer CM Answers Thank you!

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