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Learn about the ILP tools and seminars which will give you powerful ways to share your congregational life. Go to for more information.


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Intensive: Session One Innovative Leadershp:

Intensive: Session One Innovative Leadershp Innovative Leadership Project: ILP Seminars and Tools Craig Kennet Miller Permission is given to use for leadership in the Innovative Leadership Project and in local churches

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We agreed that as a Church we need to redirect the flow of attention, energy and resources to an intense concentration on fostering and sustaining an increase in the number of vital congregations effective in making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Call to Action

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The Innovative Leadership Project responds to the Call to Action by developing a strong Lay-Clergy Team that will become :

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During the ILP a Local Church Team will focus on four keys areas of church life: 1. Core Values : Spiritual and cultural beliefs and practices 2. VAP-IT : An innovation tool for setting goals based on Values, Assets, and Process 3. Disciple System : Linking all areas of congregational life for growth and vitality 4. Futurecasting : Developing a strategic plan to guide your church into the future

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Innovative Leadership Project Tools The ILP Team will complete various assignments during the year using a variety of strategic tools Seminar 1: Values VAP (Values, Assets, Process) Spiritual Life of the Leader Spiritual Gifts Assessment Wesley ’ s Theology

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Seminar 2: VAP-IT VAP-IT (Values, Assets, Process-Initiate, Test) A powerful goal setting tool that is used many times over the year Roles of Innovation Settings for Ministry

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Seminar 3: Disciple System Call To Action Drivers of Change Pastoral Leadership and developing a healthy leadership team Leader Development of Laity Small Groups Transformative Worship (Four articles are included that relate to these topics) Discipleship Metaphor

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Seminar 4: Futurecasting Innovative Leadership Church Assessment Tool VitalSigns Data Discovering Your Congregation’s Niche

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Lead: Cultivation Healthy Leadership Team - Connecting with Ministry Context - Empowering Young People - Innovation - Multiplication Believe: Roots Congregational Identity - Biblical Literacy - Denominational Identity - Music Life Sacramental Life Belong: Trunk Small Groups Care Giving Discipling Hospitality Leader Development of Laity Behave: Fruit Transforming Worship Faith Sharing Missional Outreach Spirit of Generosity Spiritual Disciplines

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VITAL SIGNS GOAL SETTING CARD 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Disciples worship Average worship attendance Disciples make new disciples Number of people who joined by profession of faith Disciples engage in growing as a disciple Number of small groups, Sunday school classes and Bible studies Disciples engage in mission Number of people from the congregation engaged in local, national and international mission/outreach activities Disciples give to mission The total amount given by local church to other organizations for support of benevolent and charitable ministries (this amount includes apportionments paid and support for all United Methodist and non- United Methodist organizations active in work such as advocacy, education, health, justice, mercy, outreach, and welfare anywhere in the world) – sign up on this site and input your data – write down your results

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Discovering your Congregation’s Niche: NICHE: Your Community Your Church N exus: What brings people together in your community? (sports teams, schools, shopping areas, government) What is at the center of your life as a congregation? I nformed: Who do people listen to in your community? (media, city leaders, resident historians, community leaders, the church) How are you actively listening to what is happening in the community? C ontext: What are the three most important factors that are shaping the future of our community? In what ways are the ministries of our congregation influenced by these factors? What three things do we need to be paying attention to? H opes & Dreams: What are the hopes and dreams of new people coming to our community? What are the hopes and dreams of people who are active in our church? E xperience: What experiences gather people together in your community? (sports, concerts, community events, movies, etc.) What is unique about what you have to offer in the context of community life?

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Futurecasting Summary Review each of these tools and record your responses ILP Church Assessment VitalSigns Discovering Your Niche 1. What area of ministry has the greatest potential for increasing the vitality of your congregation? 2. Where is the greatest need for improvement? 3. Which one of these generate the most excitement?

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Through the ILP Seminars and Tools your church will be able to create powerful strategies for the future. : Innovative Leadership Website

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