Interactive Kiosks with a Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Feature


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Kiosks are now widely used by the general public. These are mounted as a utility to withdraw cash, like the ATM machines. It is also used to purchase tickets or shop products like standalone portals in airports. Kiosk manufacturers also create customised interactive kiosks for retail businesses. These are utilised to display valuable information and advertisements to people walking by.


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Read further and get to know the interactive kiosks with a Projected Capacitive Touchscreen feature: INTERACTIVE KIOSKS WITH A PROJECTED CAPACITIVE TOUCHSCREEN FEATURE Europe’s Kiosk Market is expected to grow between 2016 and 2022 by 26.7 CAGR Compound Annual Growth Rate. Amongst the key factors affecting the industry are technological advancements the challenging environments. And most people tend to use kiosks with a more advance computing technology KBV Research. However a kiosk must have a user-friendly interface where people can easily use it. This must also be reliable in gathering and storing data. It must have dependability in terms of protecting the user’s data as well. Fortunately touch panel PCs with projected capacitance can provide all these needs. With projected capacitive touchscreen PCs an interactive kiosk can be best utilised. It can withstand harsh conditions including the frequent use of the general public. It can also resist the challenging outdoor environment. And that includes a wide temperature range. Keep reading and understand why these touchscreen PCs are suitable for public kiosks.

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