How to teach Geometry. Flexbook By CK12

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Learn how can you teach Geometry in better way. Make your own flexbook and edit them as per your requirements. Check out Free Flexbooks of


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1 CK-12 Geometry FlexBook Basic, Teacher’s Edition Free Resources for Teaching Geometry, Including: Teaching Tips Common Errors Differentiated Instruction & Problem Solving And Much More….

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2 Teaching Tips Suggestions for block planning, daily supplemental activities, and study skills tips! The Review Queue - a warm-up for the beginning of each lesson The Know What - designed as a discussion point for the beginning of a lesson and then answered at the conclusion of the lesson Investigations - constructions or detailed drawings that are designed to steer students towards discovering a theorem or concept on their own. Topics Points, Lines and Planes Continue Points, Lines and Planes Segments and Distance Start Angles and Measurement Finish Angles and Measurement Midpoints and Bisectors Start Angle Pairs Finish Angle Pairs Classifying Polygons Easy Classroom Activities

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3 Common Errors Common errors supporting CK-12's Basic Geometry Student Edition . Tackle common errors made by students Encourage reasoning and proof Take confusion out of Geometry

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4 Enrichment Enriching and Extension activities to supplement Basic Geometry FlexBook! Pick and choose activities as you see fit. Activities include art, technology, architecture, and history The activities or problems included will enrich the lesson and add to the lesson without adding too much of a challenge.

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5 CK-12 FlexBooks Up To Date – Modular – Collective Wisdom Fits Student’s Needs Adaptable for Teacher’s Requirements Easy to Create Free of Cost For Teacher’s Edition of Basic Geometry FlexBook, Visit: For Student’s Edition of Basic Geometry FlexBook, Visit:

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