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Engineering Category for your CDR There are four Engineering categories under which you can apply for migration skills assessment through CDR:  Professional Engineer PE  Engineering Technologist ET  Engineering Associate EA  Engineering Manager EM We would like to explain about the most popular Professional Engineer category here and direct you to apply under this category only if you have the relevant experience. Otherwise your case will probably be downgraded to another more appropriate category anyway or even rejected. Professional Engineering Category: Is a wide Engineering role that should involve taking responsibility of a project as a whole. “Professional Engineers are required to take responsibility for engineering projects and programs in the most far-reaching sense. This includes the reliable functioning of all materials components sub-systems and technologies used their integration to form a complete sustainable and self-consistent system and all interactions between the technical system and the context within which it functions”. At the same time you need to have an intense design experience as well or be responsible for a big design exercise to fill the information of the second section of the Summary Statement. That design experience should be a major one not just designing one small component of equipment or install couple of switches it has to be a proper big system design major equipment main part of the building for Structure Eng. etc. So to conclude applicants in Professional Engineering category must have: 1. Taking care of major aspects of a project 2. Have major design experience. If you only have a minor design experience and majority of your responsibilities were not related to the Professional Engineer role description you should probably apply under Engineering Associate category. Engineering Associate category: Is the only category where the you can get on without a proper design experience the applicant could be ok with Engineering related experience but does not necessarily has to have any design experience the list of examples of what kind of experience Engineers Australia can have is long and variable. “Examples of their roles may include feasibility investigation scoping establishing criteria/performance measures assessing and reporting technical and procedural options design and development component resources and materials sourcing and procurement construction prototyping manufacture testing installation commissioning service provision and de-commissioning tools plant equipment and facilities acquisition management maintenance calibration and upgrades operations management procedures documentation presentation and reporting maintenance systems design and management project and facility management quality assurance costing and budget management document control and quality assurance”. If you need any assistance with your CDR for migration skills assessment with the Engineers Australia or you IPENZ application for new Zealand please contact us. We always advise our Clients on the right Engineering category for the assessment. About Us: We are a technical report writing service. We provide quality services to all our customers. We are well known for creating all kinds skill assessment reports including CDR KA02 and RPL. Contact Us:

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