Top 10 Trends of Mobile App Development in 2015

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CDN Mobile Solutions is showing the top 10 mobile app development trends. HTML5, Cloud Driven, Internet of Things are some of the factors. Go to the link for knowing all the trends. Watch here: -


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The mobile app development industry is prospering and continuing to evolve year after year. In 2014 we saw mobile app industry maturing from smartphones and tablets to array devices and internet of future of everything. In the year 2015 their was also an increased focus on app analytics and mobile app marketing in different sectors. So here is the list of top 15 mobile app development trends. CDN Mobile Solutions Top 10 Mobile App Development Trends in 2015

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Cloud Driven The cloud technology had play a key role in mobile app development in 2015. App developers had focused allot on the ability to integrate and sync mobile apps on multiple devices. The cloud trend makes possible or enable mobile app developers to build their applications that can be accessed on multiple platforms with same features functions and data. The cloud platforms helps the mobile app creators to create apps rapidly without any technical knowledge. App Security Their were many report found related to hacking and information leaks and 75 of mobile applications were failed in basic security tests. So in this year the mobile app developers focused allot in app security issues. Cloud Driven Trend in Mobile App Development App Security Trend in Mobile App Development

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M-Commerce Banking and Mobile Payments Using a mobile phone to pay or purchase anything instead of credit or debit cards is become very common with Google wallet and apple pay. this feature allow mobile app developers to build mobile apps that can process transactions without the need of credit and debit cards. Internet of Things Internet of Things IoT is growing rampantly with more and more people connecting via multiple devices. The customer engagement management platforms based on wifi are also getting a breakthrough to help businesses reach customers via app at the right time and right place with IoT. M-Commerce Banking and Mobile Payments Internet of things Trending in Mobile App Development

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HTML5 HTML5 is a great technology to create hybrid mobile apps that works on multiple platforms with ease. HTML5 is a very mature technology and more and more businesses were already adopting it to create both hybrid and native apps for their businesses. Mobile Gaming Gaming is a thing that never lost popularity. Year by year it becomes more popular in every age zone. Now the mobile games have started to move from single player to multiplayer. The social interaction is become more common with the rise of multiplayer games and because of this social media integration is also become more common these days. The mobile games are expected to be cloud driven because of its frequent updates. HTML5: Mobile App Development Mobile Gaming

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Big Data and App Analytics As the IoT and wearable market grows the need of safe performance of apps and analytics also become more important. Mobile app developers are continuously focusing on adding new data collection methods in their apps to get more rich results. Enterprise Apps Internet of Things for enterprises is expected to get the biggest boost. Enterprise apps are very helpful in B2B business scenario and in 2015 35 of large enterprise companies have mobile apps for their organizations. Big data and App analytics Enterprise Apps trend in Mobile App Development

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App Marketing Mobile app marketing techniques are evolving year by year. Mobile app marketers are now focuses on their organic users and the needs of their users. With location based wifi services by IoT marketers now have ease to be targeted their user’s location and promote their apps to the targeted traffic with other offers. Rapid Mobile Development Enterprises are having an intense time staying aware of the interest for mobile applications. With these growing demands organizations are hoping to launch their products quicker than ever. The fundamental focus of mobile app developers in 2015 would be to shorter the development lifecycles and lessen the time frame between Ideation to launch. App Marketing Trend Rapid Mobile Development Trend in 2015

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