Which App Is Better For My Business - HTML5, Native or Hybrid App?


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If you want to develop an app for your business to engage with customers and get maximum ROI, but confuse that which type of app will be beneficial for your business, like HTML5 app, Native app or Hybrid app, which kind of app will be good for your business. If you are facing the same situation, then you must see this PPT, it is just for you. CDN Mobile Solutions tried to help people to choose one app among the three. If you want to more details, then you can get in touch with us https://www.cdnmobilesolutions.com/contact-us/


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HTML5 vs Native vs Hybrid... Which is Better For Your Business?


Confused Among HTML5, Native & Hybrid Apps? We Will give You Helping Hands...!

Native Apps:

Native Apps Native apps are already installed into the device from its associated app store. User doesn't require to download it. Native applications are generally platform dependent . If an app is developed for an Android device, then it can work only on Android device not on any other device.


But...! Native apps can reduce your profit money , because the app store fee, which can be paid up to 30 percent. The content guideline of the app store is very strict and for some specific category it may be a headache to submit the app in the app store . To develop a native application is very time taking as compare to others because developers forced to develop separate apps for each platform . Since to develop separate apps for each platform the cost increases and to develop a native app becomes very costly.

Hybrid Apps:

Hybrid Apps Hybrid apps are written in Java Script, HTML5 and CSS . They are a combination of the elements of web applications and native apps. Like native apps they are also available on app stores . Hybrid apps depend on HTML, coded into the browser. The bulk of the app is built using cross-compatible web technologies like Phonegap and Appcelerator Titanium. They are more popular as compare to HTML5 and Native apps .


But...! The performance of a Hybrid mobile app depends on the browser capabilities of the device . Long process of app approval proceed by app store. Hybrid mobile apps need distinct web view implementations per platform . Hybrid just doesn’t look or feel as smooth and natural as native apps and are also slow to operate in comparison with Native apps. They have limited feature set as well.

HTML 5 Apps:

HTML 5 Apps An HTML5 Mobile app is basically a website (web page or series of websites)with JavaScript or Server side (PHP, Asp.net, etc) code written to allow the app to perform dynamically. It can also directly access with URL in the mobile browser . These apps are placed in a Native Container using technologies (like Phone Gap) to make it feel like an "app" known as Hybrid Applications. Users can’t download your app from the app store and can store data offline in HTML5 mobile apps . GMail is the good example of HTML5 mobile apps.


But...! HTML5 app does not support heavy graphics and device hardware . HTML5 does not permit you to make money through direct app-sales and in-app purchase. There are limited UI/ UX options available in HTML 5. It takes more time to develop an HTML5 app. Developers work in languages ​​that are not native to the platforms; therefore, the efficiency of the code depends on the translation engine . It often happens that coding techniques are inefficient or the code is redundant.

Still confused on how to choose the best? Consider the points below...:

Still confused on how to choose the best? Consider the points below... What kind of app are you opting for? Social app which requires camera feature --- go for HTML5 Game apps that require NFC --- go for Native apps Barcode scanner and reader – go for Hybrid Budget constraints? Yes or not really.. Device you are targeting? All devices or any particular device.. How frequently you are connected with internet? Always, sometimes, offline.. There are many other factors that affect the choice among Native, HTML 5 and hybrid apps. But as of now, hybrid apps are the favorite of most of the entrepreneurs.


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