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Hair Care Products for African American babies. Get CARA B Naturally products you want to deliver directly to your door each month.


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Shampoo/Body Wash Gently cleanse your child’s delicate hair and skin with our all-natural, nourishing bath solution. CARA B Naturally Shampoo / Body Wash includes vitamin E and aloe to moisturize and soothe

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Moisturizing Hair Mist Improve manageability and impart a light shine to your child's hair with our all-natural Moisturizing Hair Mist.  

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The perfect gift! A complete set of CARA B Naturally products! Treat that special mom and her child with the gift of CARA B Naturally. Whether it’s for a Baby Shower, Mother’s Day, or any occasion at all!  She’ll receive a beautifully arranged gift basket including the entire line of CARA B Naturally products. Gift Basket

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Body Lotion Moisturize and soothe your child’s delicate skin with our all-natural formula of shea butter, jojoba oil, vitamin E, and aloe. Clinically tested and allergen-free. This light, non-greasy moisturizer leaves the skin feeling soft, with the delicately sweet scent of our all-natural chamomile fragrance.

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Bath Time Bundle Make bath time easier new Bath Time Bundle which includes a full-size bottle of our Shampoo/Body Wash, and our Body Lotion!

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Head-to-Toe Bundle Get all four CARA B Naturally products with our Head-to-Toe Bundle which includes full-size bottles of our Shampoo/Body Wash, Leave-In Conditioner/Daily Moisturizer, Moisturizing Hair Mist, and Body Lotion!

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Leave-in Conditioner/Daily Moisturizer Gently condition and moisturize your child’s hair without any oily residue. Our all-natural Leave-In Conditioner / Daily Moisturizer is designed for use immediately after shampooing to improve manageability, and for use every day as a light, non-greasy, and gentle moisturizer .

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Hair Care Bundle Get everything you need to care for your child's hair with our new Hair Care Bundle which includes full-size bottles of our Shampoo/Body Wash, Leave-In Conditioner/Daily Moisturizer, and Moisturizing Hair Mist!

Slide 10: / Contact Us CARA B Natural Products, Inc. c/o Customer Service 338 South Sharon Amity Road #218 Charlotte, NC 28211

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