What Is Food Tour? | A Walking Food Tour To Ann Arbor

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A food tour is a guided tour which is organized by a local person who guide to explore the city or country which you are visiting and don’t know what to eat and where to eat in the city. A food tour company helps you to explore the best of the city. And also gives you some historical knowledge of the place.


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www.bythesidewalk.com Welcome to By The Side Walk Food Tours

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www.bythesidewalk.com About US FOOD IS A GLOBAL LANGUAGE FOR TRAVEL! At By The Sidewalk, we have designed our tours for you to explore the coolest neighborhoods through the medium of food. Tastings have been meticulously paired with history, art, architecture and garnished with stories which will leave lingering memories.

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www.bythesidewalk.com What Is A Food Tour?

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www.bythesidewalk.com Culinary tourism is becoming an increasingly popular trend among travelers since the foodie movement . A foodie is someone who enjoys indulging in and experiencing food and drink in all different forms . A food tour involves guiding travelers through a tour of food from the best restaurants around your city or neighborhood.

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www.bythesidewalk.com Why Start A Food Tour?

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www.bythesidewalk.com So, why should your tour or activity business start a food tour ?

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www.bythesidewalk.com Food Tours Are Easily Differentiated

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www.bythesidewalk.com There are so many different food tour niches to choose from that it’s easy to stand out and satisfy a unique type of customer .

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www.bythesidewalk.com Food Tours Are Unique

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www.bythesidewalk.com Food tours provide a unique avenue for foodie travelers to explore the city they are visiting.

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www.bythesidewalk.com Food Tours Have Low Barriers Of Entry: Food tours require little initial investment. The minimum equipment and staff required includes a computer and one food tour guide .

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www.bythesidewalk.com Food Tours Are Flexible: A typical food tour lasts between 2-4 hours, so you can conduct the tour around the hours of your tour or activity business .

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www.bythesidewalk.com Food Tours Are Great For The Community: Starting a food tour business helps support the local community by bringing business to the restaurants in your area.

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www.bythesidewalk.com Food Tours Are Becoming Popular Among Travelers: According to the United Nations World Traveler Organization’s report on food tourism, over one third of a travelers income is spent on food.

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www.bythesidewalk.com By the side walk provide you guided walking food tours to explore the coolest neighborhoods through the medium of food meticulously paired with stories. It will leave lingering memories.

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www.bythesidewalk.com For More Information Visit Our Website

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