Step By Step Guide To Making A Business Intro Video

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Step By Step Guide To Making A Business Intro Video A business intro video can be your chance to increase your conversions by 10X if you manage to pull it off in the right manner. The corporate world is filled with such examples but more often than not businesses looking to make an intro video don’t have a lot of knowledge on the exact blueprint to follow in order to make a perfect video. On a lot of blogs out there you will get generic advice on making such videos like keeping the video interesting having a CTA and keeping the video quality etc. But all such advice is often vague and often doesn’t add any value to the kind of video you want to make. Well we aim to change that by offering you a step by step guide into making a business intro video that includes real actionable tips on the components to focus most on when making such a video. Let’s begin: Focus On Your Audience: The biggest mistake you can do when making a business intro video is to focus too much on your own business and leave the consumer out in the cold. The consumer wants to hear about how you as a business can help solve their

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problems through the solution you offer. That’s probably the reason why you exist right So focus your business intro video on your consumers and get your messaging aligned with such a focus and you won’t go wrong with it. Make The Video Informative For The User: The best kind of business intro videos are those which make it clear to a user as to why a business exists and what exactly can it help you with. For this you need to include the most commonly asked questions to you as a business. For e.g. how much does your product/service costs what’s your expected turnaround time do you offer refunds etc. Such information will make it easier for people to take action as they now know more about your work model. Don’t Be Salesy: Aggressively salesy CTAs or tonality in a business intro video is the equivalent of using cheesy lines when talking to someone you are interested to date. Contrary to popular belief users get turned off when you use salesy CTAs like “Buy Now”. Rather they prefer a more toned-down approach. A business intro video is at “Top Of The Funnel” marketing collateral and you shouldn’t be using it as an aggressive selling tool. The best way forward is to tone things down and use the CTAs in the video to guide users into the funnel-like on a landing page. Get Your Technical Aspects Right: The business intro video is after all a video and if you don’t get its technical aspects right your video won’t have a major impact no matter how good your idea is. Here are the major points you need to consider in order to get your video’s technical aspects right: • Work on the script but keep it short. Long scripts that exceed 2 minutes of length bore people. • Procure a good camera that can deliver HD quality video. • Fix the video on a pedestal or use a Gimbal if you need to acquire moving angles. • Either get a room with just the right amount of natural light or get two studio lights • Get a professional voice artist and record the audio through a professional recording setup

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Cut Out The Unnecessary Parts: The final part of the production process is doing the edit. In this edit your primary aim should be to cut out anything that you think doesn’t add value to the overall video or the intended message you are trying to give in the video. Shorten the video length as much as possible and add branding material like logos etc. in the final file. Most videos these days have captions to help people who don’t want to listen to the video’s audio. Final Part – Where To Put The Business Intro Video: The business intro video can work well anywhere but nowadays it’s important that you focus on all social platforms for putting your video out on if you want real-time traction on it. Resize the video for Instagram Facebook YouTube and other social platforms so that it can fit the required dimensions of these platforms for videos and then move on to putting the video on your website. Generally this video works best on your website’s homepage in the first or second fold as there it allows the website visitor to know about your business before it proceeds any further working as a great hook. Wrapping Things Up: The business intro video is a powerful marketing tool which if leveraged in the right manner can pull in tons of engagement for you and your brand. It also aids in maximizing conversions by being a facilitator that sends consumers further down the funnel much more easily. If you haven’t got one yet it’s high time that you set aside a budget for it and prepare to produce it in your next marketing quarter.

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