The Most Peaceful Sleeping Nest for Babies at Buttons Day Nursery

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In Buttons Day Nursery, baby nest are quiet, small and cosy. This is because your baby has come from a very small space in your body. Our Baby Nest is also well away from the rest of the nursery. To know more information, visit our website:


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The Most Peaceful Sleeping Nest for Babies at Buttons Day Nursery

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Introduction A baby needs care, nothing more nothing less. Keeping this in mind the team at Buttons Day Nursery has designed the ideal space for babies to snuggle and stay away from the regular hustle-bustle in a baby’s room. This space is what we call a sleeping nest for babies . Here, the playing partner accompanies the baby and plays with him/her in a bid to know them better.

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Our Home-From-Home Environment We provide a ‘home from home’ environment for the babies to spend time with his/her dedicated play partner. Our sleeping nests are designed as a small, cosy place fully understanding that the baby has come from a small place inside your body. We ensure that the sleeping nest stays the quietest place for babies to sleep well.

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A Dedicated Play-Partner The moment you register with us a dedicated play-partner is assigned to your baby who supports each and every activity of your baby i.e. from baby’s play to learning activities and much more. The partner ensures that a closer bond is built with the baby.

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Register Your Baby at Our Day Nursery We offer the best sleeping nest for babies. So, visit the website and get your baby registered with us today. Address : 99 Oaklands Rd, Hanwell , London W7 2DT Phone: 020 8840 3355

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