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Fast Food:

Komissarov&Nekrasov Fast Food

What is the Fast food?:

Fast food - a class of junk foods which offer special institutions. The term "fast food" designate food which it is possible to prepare and give to the client quickly. The Fast food can be met worldwide as it very much saves time, but it is very harmful. What is the Fast food?

History of Fast Food:

The fast food industry has arisen in 1920th years in America. In 1921 in Kansas company White Castle hamburgers were which firm dish strange at that time has opened. Stable price (5 cents up to 1946) and диковинность attracted buyers, and doubts in safety of a product have been dispelled as a result of a syllogism of company owner Billi Ingrama (when specially employed people in white dressing gowns made impression, what even doctors buy hamburgers). In the late forties at company White Castle competitors from whom to the most serious became McDonald’s began to appear. History of Fast Food

Types of Fast Food:

McDonald’s - world's largest network of restaurants of a fast food(founded by brothers Dick and Mac McDonald). Subway - a network of fast food restaurants. The main sold production are sandwiches and salads. Kentucky Fried Chicken(KFC) - American fast-food restaurant chain. Is best known for specialties from chicken - chicken legs, wings and breast, sauteed in butter Types of Fast Food

Fast food…:

Fast food … Burrito Dehner -kebab Pizza French fries

Fast food…:

Fast food… Hamburger Hotdog Pancakes Sandwich

Thanks for attention! With you were Komissarov and Nekrasov:

Thanks for attention! With you were Komissarov and Nekrasov

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