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As a responsible pet parent, you always need to be prepared for an emergency. Here is the list of 10 essential items to be included in the First Aid Kit. To know more, visit us:


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BudgetVetCare Page 1 DIY Dog First Aid Kit You ’ll find plenty of toys and treats for your pooch at your house. Though what happens when your furry baby gets injured while playing You ’ll automatically start panicking which just makes the matter worse as getting panicked won ’t solve the issue. Thus as a responsible pet parent you always need to be prepared for an emergency and for that you need a first aid kit for your pet. Dogs are drawn to the most random things anything that looks or smells intriguing your pooch will go and start inspecting it. In rare cases your dog might get injured due to a certain thing in your house. Therefore having a first aid kit handy will prevent midnight run to the vet just because you didn ’t have supplies. Hence here you ’ll find the most essential items that you need for making the best first aid kit for your dog.

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BudgetVetCare Page 2 10 Essential Items to Include in First Aid Kit for Dogs Bandages Keeping bandages in your first aid kit is a must. From wound to scratch it works on everything and speeds up the healing process. Thermometer

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BudgetVetCare Page 3 This can be beneficial for both dogs and humans. If you can ’t find a thermometer specifically for dogs use the one you have for yourself just ensure that the thermometer you have is a rectal one. Medical record of the dog During any emergency the first thing a vet asks for is the medical history of your furry pal. Thus store all the important documents in a file so they can be used when needed. Gauze

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BudgetVetCare Page 4 Gauze is the first and foremost item you need to have in your doggy ’s first aid kit. Gauze can be highly helpful in covering up wounds injuries or to stop the bleeding. Antiseptic Ointment A non-stinging antiseptic will be perfect for treating any kind of minor infection cut or rash. An antiseptic is a must have for preventing infection. Tweezers

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BudgetVetCare Page 5 Tweezers can be very useful while preparing dog ’s first aid kits for camping. Fleas and ticks are most commonly known to be present in bushy areas thus it ’s essential to have tweezers for removing the ticks. Ice pack Although ice pack isn ’t stored in a first aid kit it ’s as important as other items when it comes to healing the pet. Ice pack works wonders when used to ease the swelling. Scissors

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BudgetVetCare Page 6 People might think it ’s unnecessary to have scissors but when you ’re opening a packet or trying to cut the gauze you will require scissors. Though ensure the scissor has blunt edges to not harm the pet. Splints Dogs generally are hyperactive so there ’s a chance that they might dislocate or fracture their limbs or legs. Thus keep the splints in the kit so you can prevent further damage. Flashlight

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BudgetVetCare Page 7 Flashlight is a must if you ’re going hiking during night time. Moreover it can be also used for pulling out splinters. We usually have most of these things lying around the house but when the time comes we can never find it. So putting all the essential items in a kit will keep you prepared for any kind of emergency. Moreover it ’s vital to keep the necessary pet supplies with you because the dog may get infected or develop some new allergy at any time. Thus for purchasing reliable and affordable pet products online BudgetVetCare is the best choice BudgetVetCare Contact Us: +1-800-797-5305 Mail Us:

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