The Best Flea Collar: Seresto Flea & Tick Collar Reviews

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How to find the best prices for Seresto Flea & Tick Collar? In this document, you will find out everything you need to know to make an informed and smart purchase.


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slide 1: Page 1 The Best Flea Collar: Seresto Flea Tick Collar Reviews Fleas and ticks are creepy monsters making the pets to suffer in pain. They drive the pet crazy by causing incessant itching and keeping them consumed in themselves. However there is this one solution that will help you keep all these parasites at bay – Bayer ’s Seresto Collar. It provides persistent relief from itching and pain besides killing the pesky critters. Let ’s have a comprehensive look at this amazing product. Seresto Flea Collar: All You Need to Know How Does It Work Seresto is a flea and tick collar that provides 8 months of protection against these parasites. It contains two. Which are released into the skin of the pet when the collar is worn A small concentration of these active ingredients diffuses into the skin layers as and when the collar rubs on the skin so as the fleas or ticks try to come near the pet these chemicals successfully kill and repel the parasites.

slide 2: Page 2 IT IS A NO MESS FORMULA In case you have used Seresto collar by any chance you might know that it is completely a grease-free non-sticky collar made of the polymer matrix which fits snugly on the pet. Besides the chemicals that it releases are odorless and thus you don ’t need to bother even if your pet wears it when you have guests at home. DOES IT KILL FLEA LARVAE Yes it does kill flea larvae and also protects against Sarcoptic mange as well as chewing lice. When used according to the instruction on the pack insert this collar remains effective for 8 months. IT IS A WATER-RESISTANT FORMULA In case you are thinking if the collar can work in water or when the pet goes swimming the answer is ‘Yes ’ it does. Seresto collar is made up of the polymer matrix which doesn ’t allow the ingredients to wash off easily by using the collar under water. However continuous use under water must be avoided as the efficacy of the product which is usually 8 months reduces to just 5 months when the collar comes in contact with water every now and then. Thus it is recommended to bathe your pet once a month if he is wearing the collar to make it last longer. ARE THE INGREDIENTS TOXIC FOR PETS No. The ingredients imidacloprid and flumethrin are only toxic to parasites. They are nontoxic or have very low toxicity towards animals and humans. Both of these ingredients however are capable enough to kill all sorts of parasites even the mites attacking honeybee colonies. AVAILABLE IN TWO SIZES Seresto collar is available in two sizes one for large dogs and the other for smaller ones. The smaller collar is best suited for pets that weigh less than 18 pounds whereas the larger one is for dogs weighing above 18 pounds and can stretch up to 26 inches.

slide 3: Page 3 Seresto Flea and Tick Collar Coupon BEST FOR SENSITIVE SKIN The polymer matrix material helps the collar to fit smoothly around the neck and doesn ’t cause any kind of irritation to the skin. It doesn ’t react with the skin and thus can be worn all the time without worrying about irritation or itching due to continuous usage of the collar. Read Top Customer Reviews of Seresto Collars CAN USE IT ALONG WITH OTHER COLLAR We know it is a bit hard to believe but you can certainly use this collar along with the other collar. You don ’t really need to take off the previous one because the Seresto won ’t react with the other collar. Moreover the buckle and strap are so easy to tie that you won ’t find any difficulty in tying the collar around your pet ’s neck. Bayer is a renowned name in the pharmaceutical industry so rest assured about the quality and efficacy of the product it manufactures. Apart from that the collar is so affordable that you don ’t need to spend a big amount on it. It is available at very low prices in all online stores. So bring this product now to get rid of flea and ticks permanently and leave the worry behind even while traveling cross country with your pet because this collar will keep him protected against parasites no matter where you go.

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