Respect Your Cat Day - How to Treat Your Cat with Respect

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Let’s have National Respect Your Cat Day in style? We've few ways that would make your cat feel respectful.


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slide 1: Page 1 Respect Your Cat Day - How to Treat Your Cat with Respect While we ’re positive you respect your cat on a daily basis there is actually a special holiday to honor your cat. March 28th is “National Respect Your Cat Day ” That means on this particular day you may shower bundle of love on your cat – an extra bonus of love. Whether it ’s giving your cat a few extra treats or a few extra pets there are plenty of simple ways to respect your cat. Let ’s have a look at a few ways that would make your cat feel respectful.

slide 2: Page 2 Making Them Feel Comfortable Petting your cat may seem like a simple task. However you might notice that at times when you are petting your cat their mood suddenly begins to change. Cats are complicated as you know so you have to be careful while petting them. This is a good tip especially for children so they know how to pet a cat without disturbing them and making them jump or scratch them as petting a cat is a bit more complex than a dog. Maintaining Your Cat ’s Coat Brushing your cat is a significant part of owning a cat. It keeps their coat healthy thus keeping them healthy. Long-haired cats can develop problems due to knots and matted hair. So it ’s extremely important to brush them on a daily basis so this doesn ’t happen. It ’s good to know exactly where matted hair can build up so you know to focus on brushing those areas. Spending Quality Time with Them Many people love to have cats because they demand a little less maintenance than dogs. Well that doesn ’t mean you can just ignore them. Cats need attention just like any other pet. If you are busy throughout the day there are some great toys that can keep your cat ’s attention without you having to attend them 24/7. Remember these toys should not serve as a replacement for your playing with your cat.

slide 3: Page 3 Understanding Body Language A huge part of respecting your cat is to understand your cat ’s body language. Knowing what basic body movements mean can improve your relationship with them. For example knowing the difference between aggression and fear is very important. Remember just because your dog is happy when they wag their tail it doesn ’t mean the same for your cat. Respect Your Cat Day may seem like a fluffy holiday but in our busy world we need reminders of what it means to respect our cat. Respect is a way of treating or thinking about something or someone. If you respect your cat or any cat you admire and treat them well and that is the highest regard you can give to anyone.

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