How To Keep Out The Fleas And Ticks In Your Yard

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How To Keep Out The Fleas And Ticks In Your Yard


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How To Keep Out The Fleas And Ticks In Your Yard Getting a clue that your pet has fleas or ticks no doubt you start treating them to control fleas and ticks. Clean and vacuum the house and wash everything by putting your efforts to get rid of these blood sucking pests. In all these things you may be forgetting one more step to ensure that all your efforts are worthwhile. And that is to clean your yard in order to bring the infestation under control. The yard is a place where your pet spends a lot of time so it may be a breeding ground for majority of the flea population. Even if you treat your pet for flea and tick and clean your home fleas and ticks will persist because you forgot to clean the yard where still they are living. Here are some of the ways to get rid your yard of fleas and ticks: Keep Fleas And Ticks Out Of Your Yard Clean Properly: To eliminate the habitats that fleas and ticks use to hide and lay eggs you need to clean and remove the debris from the yard like piles of lumber stones and bricks. Take away the discarded pots and other garden items. Spend some time to clean up your garden yard and the areas under the decks or porches.

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Mow The Garden: Fleas and ticks like to make the long grass as their habitat. So it is important to mow your garden to the exact height to reduce the parasite population. Do not mow the grass too short as it may attract spiders and ants. Avoid Over Watering: Do not over water the gardens the poor draining will be an invitation for the pests. Fleas and ticks prefer moist environments so ensure that you water your garden properly. If you have any drainage issue fix it up as soon as possible. Keep Out The Wild Life: Urban wildlife carry fleas and ticks on them so keep away the wild life out of the yard for example squirrels rabbits raccoon mice etc. You can clean up the garden the fallen berries etc to keep them away from the yard. Protect Your Yard: You can use a pesticide spray to establish a barrier around your yard to prevent fleas and ticks from migrating into your yard. Remove the bush leaf litter plants from your yard. This will also eliminate the hiding places for fleas and ticks. The natural ways you read above are perfect to keep away and control flea and tick infestation. You can try out these methods to treat your yard so that the pests dont persist with no more risk of parasitic infestation.

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