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Haier #2 “From China to the Globe” 2006. 12. 07. Professor : Michell Tony. R. Eum, Young Tae / Kim, Jin Ho

Table of Contents: 

Table of Contents 1.Company Overview 2. Product and Service 3. Strategy 4. Recent Investments 5. How to attract investment in Korea


Fortune names 50 Most Powerful Woman in Business outside the USA.Yang Mianmian, President of Haier, to the No. 15 spot Staff reporter: On the latest biweekly issue of Fortune see the list of 50 Most Powerful Woman in Business outside the USA, Haier's president Yang Mianmian was placed 15th and 6 business women from the mainland of China and Hong Kong appear on the list. Fortune is quoted as saying that, 'Much of Haier's success over the past two decades, as it grew from a Qingdao refrigerator factory into a $12.2 billion global home-appliance giant, can be attributed to Yang's "one low, three high" strategy."


China’s largest home appliance brand Founded in 1984 in Qingdao, China Official Home Appliances Sponsor of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Headquarters: Qingdao, Shandong Province, China Employees: Over 50,000 Financial Information: Haier’s global revenue in 2005 reached RMB 103.4 billion Average annual growth of 68% between 1984 and 2005 No. of Subsidiaries Over 240 Listed Subsidiaries: Haier Electronics Group Co., Ltd. listed on the Hong Kong Stock Market,Quingdao Haier Co., Ltd. Listed on the Shanghai Stock Business Scope: 1) Technology research 2) Product development and manufacturing 3) Trade 4)Financial services Key Product Lines: Refrigerators/Freezers, commercial air-conditioners, microwave ovens, washing machines, dishwashers, televisions, mobile phones, computers (96 Categories 15,100 Specifications,2006) Global Presence Trading Companies: 64 Design Centers: 8 Industrial Complexes:  15 Sales Network : Over 58,000 Chairman and CEO: Mr. Zhang Ruimin Company Overview


Company Word & Picture


Milestones : 1998-2001 1999 Haier lays the foundation stone at its first overseas factory: Haier America Refrigerator Corp. Ltd. in South Carolina, USA. Haier establishes its first overseas industrial complex: Haier (America) Industrial Complex in the USA. 2000 Zhang Ruimin appointed as CEO. Haier (America) rolls out its first “Made in America” refrigerators in the USA. Haier-CCT Holdings, a joint venture with CCT Telecom Holdings, is established in Qingdao and Hong Kong. 2001 Haier starts production of mobile phones. Haier’s second overseas factory is established in Pakistan Haier incorporates Ericsson Bluetooth Technology into Haier household appliances. Haier introduces dual drive washing machine technology.


2002 Haier products enter the Australian and New Zealand markets. First washing machine rolled off the production line in Pakistan. Haier proposal of safe care water heater technology initiative accepted by the 66th IEC Conference. Haier establishes trading companies in Malaysia and Thailand. Sanyo-Haier Company, a joint venture between Haier and Japan’s Sanyo, is established in Japan. 2003 Haier Benfeng brand slim mobile phones launched in Beijing. First “made in Jordan” Haier washing machines rolled out in the Middle East Haier enters the home computer market. Milestone: 2002-2003


2004 Haier home computers introduced into the French market. Haier Middle East Industrial Complex opened in Jordan. Haier Electronics Middle East Company established in Dubai. Haier’s global revenue exceeds RMB100 billion (US$12 billion). 2005 Haier dual drive washing machine technology included in the 2006 IEC standard proposal. Haier establishes a wholly owned subsidiary in Australia. The total sales volume of Haier “Patriot IV” and QPSK decoding chips reach over 15 million. Haier Electronics Group Co., Ltd. is listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (HKG:1169). 2006 Haier non-detergent powder washing machine launched in Malaysia Milestone: 2004-Now


Products and Services Home appliances • General home appliances 􀂾 Refrigerators Haier is one of the world’s largest and most advanced refrigerator manufacturers, producing over 12 million units of refrigerators and freezers annually at its 20 production facilities worldwide. Haier consistently applies leading global technologies in the manufacturing of its products. Haier is the first company to make breakthroughs in integrating fluorine-free, energy-saving technologies with large freezing capacity, and solve technological problems related to sterilization. Haier has also rolled out the world’s first variable-frequency refrigerator, which is made of heat insulating material designed for aerospace. 􀂾 Household Air Conditioners At its eight large production bases in China, Haier uses the world’s most advanced automatic flexible production lines to ensure the delivery of large quantities of highly reliable air conditioners, which are exquisite in quality and free of defects.


Washing Machines Haier produces washing machines of 5,000 different specifications under 18 categories, and is the only company in the world with the capability of large scale production of top load washing machines (popular in Asia), front load washing machines (popular in Europe), agitator washing machines (popular in America) and dual-drive washing machines. Haier, with a mission of 􀂾 Freezers Haier produces 1.8 million units of freezers each year. Haier is licensed to supply products for military provisions, and is the only company to win the bid for three consecutive years. Haier freezers have received ISO9001 quality, ISO14001 environmental compliance, and ISO12001 metering and testing certification. Haier is also China’s first freezer maker to receive TUV International Safety Certification, and was the first to receive a no-fluorine certificate from the United Nations Development Programme. Vacuum Cleaner Developed with the Haier spirit of continuous innovation, Haier dust collectors consistently lead the trend in the dust collection market. Haier’s dust bag series are innovatively designed to collect dust from all directions. Products and Services


Home appliances for kitchen and bathroom 􀂾 Integrated Kitchen Haier integrated kitchen products come with an advanced green safety system, and are equipped with environmentally friendly material, dust-free digital technology, high-quality sync installation and one-stop green service channel, thus bringing customers the ultimate green and safety experience. Haier Kitchen Company is the only company in its product segment to receive ISO9001 quality certification in China. 􀂾 Water Heaters Haier manufactures water heaters of 300 specifications under 12 categories, including electric water heaters, gas water heaters, solar energy heaters, and gas boilers, in the categories of mechanical, electric, and network-based, and with the capacity range of 5-litres to 500-litres. With the application of high technology, Haier produces water heaters in a wide range and specifications both for home and commercial use. Haier follows its “Safety-based Products” philosophy in manufacturing water heaters and leads the industry in safety technologies. Products and Services


Kitchenware Haier’s kitchen appliances cover 4 categories: dishwashers (see above introduction, exhaust fans, gas cookers and sterilizing cupboards, in more than 300 specifications. Haier Kitchenware products are based on environmentally-friendly technology, with zero leakage and low radiation. The products have won environmentally friendly and green product certifications in both China and the US. 􀂾 Microwave Ovens Haier offers microwave ovens in 50 varieties under 8 categories, including mechanical,electronic and digital, and with the capacity range of 17-litres to 40–litres. Haier ovens feature both stainless steel and painted stoves, and come with top doors and side doors. In 2003, Haier developed the steam microwave oven, taking the lead in the application of new technology. Haier is committed to manufacturing high-quality, high-tech and environmentally friendly products, using components made by the world’s top 500 companies. Haier microwave oven products have received FCC and FDA certificates from the U.S Federation Drug Administration. Products and Services


Audio and video products 􀂾 Color TVs Growing at an annual rate of 141% over the last 9 years, Haier color TVs are manufactured with the application of high technology. Haier aims to provide the right products for different consumer groups, gaining high customer recognition. Haier is committed to strengthening its global competitiveness, with the creation of a global supply chain under the concept of “competitive cooperation”. Haier’s extensive range of products, including traditional TVs, flat-panel TVs, digital TVs, wireless TVs, touch TVs and 5.1 sound system TVs, aim to bring more freedom, comfort and greater entertainment to homes and customers. 􀂾 DVD Players Haier offers a diverse line of DVD players of exceptional quality. Haier DVD players are favored by consumers for their performance and after sales service. The products have won a number of awards for environmental protection and energy efficiency. Products and Services


• Commercial Air Conditioners 􀂾 Haier has become a well-known global brand for commercial air-conditioners for its strong R&D, excellent product performance, and marketing capability. Haier delivers commercial air conditioners, large multi-system air conditioners and large cold-water air conditioning units in 8 categories and 260 specifications, featuring an integration of fluorine-cooling, wind-cooling and water-cooling functions. Haier’s variable-frequency, variable capacity multi-system central conditioners, flexible variable-capacity screw compressors, and household variable-frequency central air conditioners lead the industry trend with their energy efficiency. Products and Services


Communication and IT products • Mobile Phones Based on the philosophy that the technology and fashion can co-exist, Haier integrates state-of-the-art wireless communication technologies into a complete range of in-fashion mobile phones. Haier mobile phones include such latest features as GSM/GPRS technology, integrated digital cameras, MMS, MIDI Polyphonic ring tones and color LCD screens. The product line includes bar-type phones, clamshell phones, smart phones and the new and unique slim phones. • IT products 􀂾 Computers (desktop and laptop) With a special attention to users’ health, and eye-protection, Haier makes desktop and laptop computers for personal and commercial use in different ranges, including the world’s first laptop with 2.0 mega-pixel camera. Haier is committed to delivering a full-service package, and offers free software commissioning. By establishing strategic alliances with suppliers, such as Intel, Microsoft, China Unicom and China Netcom, and taking advantage of the technology and resources of its partners, Haier consistently improves the quality of its computers. In product R&D, Haier employs a team of top class engineers from the U.S., Japan, Republic of Korea, and China’s Taiwan region, and has established a strict-quality control system. 􀂾 Digital Information Products Haier offers a number of patented digital information products, including MP3 and MP4. Haier is committed to delivering personalized products, services and application solutions to meet the individual needs of users.


Haier Pharmacy Founded in 1996, Haier Pharmacy is the newest growth area within the group. The product offerings cover 80 specifications under 60 categories including medical raw materials, tablets, capsules, granules, oral liquid, medicine powder for injection, lyophilized powder for injection, eye drops, etc. The products of Haier Pharmacy fall into four categories of marine drugs, Chinese medicine, Western medicine and healthcare products, with focused areas of the heart and cerebral system, digestive system, osteoporosis, diabetes and healthcare, all of which have received GMP certification in China. Products and Services


Haier services • Intelligent Home Integration Haier’s intelligent system is the mainstay of Haier E-home program. Haier provides comprehensive solutions for communities, hotels, supermarkets, office buildings, factories, urban security departments and homes, and delivers a series of intelligent products, such as digital video phone systems, security monitoring systems, anti-burglary alarms, home environment control and access control systems. • Networked Digital Home Solutions Haier launched the third generation of networked home appliances, called “Haier E-home”, in 2005. Haier deploys “Haier E-home” using a technological system based on proprietary intellectual property rights, such as home network system structure and home network communications technology. The home network is divided into a main network transmitting high speed information, and a sub-network transmitting low speed information. Haier E-home can enable remote access to home appliances and the interconnection of appliances through the Internet, PDA, mobile communications network, cable TV network and fixed line networks. Products and Services


• Travel Haier Group’s Conference & Exhibition Division provides one-stop service for organizing meetings and conferences, from preparation to hosting the event. Haier’s hotel system is able to provide conference services, accommodation, catering and entertainment. • Insurance Established in 2001, Qingdao Haier Insurance Agency delivers insurance policies on behalf of insurance companies through Haier’s comprehensive network and large customer base. The company also makes loss assessments and handles compensation on behalf of insurance companies. • Logistics Haier Logistics was established in 1999. By establishing a global network of suppliers, Haier has gained significant advantages in terms of cost and R&D. Haier aims to establish an efficient supply chain and provide customer-oriented value-added services. Haier logistics is growing into a global trade company through continuous supply chain management optimization. Products and Services


Haier Software Qingdao Haier Qingda Software Company, established in 1998, is a high-tech enterprise engaged in development of embedded systems, information software, and system integration. Its main business is focused on the development of commercial intelligent systems and embedded systems, software outsourcing, system integration and the development of multimedia systems. Haier Group’s LCD TV and plasma TV control panels are all designed by Haier Qingda. Haier Real Estate Qingdao Haier Real Estate Development and Investment Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Haier Group. In developing its real estate business, the company pays high attention to improving the quality of construction and living conditions, while making efforts to preserve cultural heritage and to facilitate a healthy and civilized living environment. Products and Services


Core Strategy Strategy


Strategies Three 1/3s 1/3 made and sold at home,1/3 made at home and sold abroad,1/3 made and sold abroad Three-in-one localization Three-in-one localization: Haier has its technical development centers, manufacture bases and trading companies set up overseas to enable localized operations with respect to design, manufacture and marketing, among which are Haier America, Haier Europe, Haier Middle East, Haier Southeast Asia, and more.


Strategies Three internationalization steps Internationalization of management system – to build up employee loyalty Internationalization of service – to build up customer loyalty Internationalization of brand – to build up international competence


Five globalization strategies Globalization of design In order to maintain the competitive edge in the international market, Haier has set up 18 design centers worldwide to consolidate resources from developed countries. Globalization of manufacture Haier has set up 10 industrial parks worldwide and 22 plants overseas, making Haier a global manufacturer and enabling prompt action to satisfy local user needs for quality Haier products which in turn greatly provides great support for Haier to achieve its goal of world-class brand. Globalization of marketing Haier has 5,000 overseas retail outlets and over 10,000 service centers all over the world. The principle of interaction, development and innovation has been uphold in the course of globalization, e.g., the best practice of Haier America is shared with Haier Europe, and the successful marketing of Haier Europe is introduced to Haier Middle East, opening up a vigorous prospect of global marketing. Globalization of purchase Public bidding and online purchase are carried out via Internet. A strategic partnership has been established with best global suppliers, who also participate in the front-end design of Haier products. Globalization of capital operation By virtue of its experience in manufacture industry, Haier has made its way into finance industry Up to now, Haier has invested in Qingdao Commerce Bank and Chang Jiang Securities and is also running an insurance agency, a life insurance joint venture and a finance firm. By taking 50% shares of Haier Electronics Group, a company listed in Hong Kong, Haier has laid a solid foundation for its further movement to the international capital market. Strategies


Strategies Co-optition Co-optition is the strategic trend of corporate globalization in the 21st century. It is based on competency complementation which is enabled through exchange of resources and aimed at win-win cooperation. On January 8, 2002, Haier announced the co-optition with Sanyo Japan. Later on February 20, 2002, Haier announced the co-optition with Sampo Taiwan. Go abroad, go localized, go up to a higher level Go abroad: go to mainstream markets in mainstream regions; Go localized: be admitted into mainstream channels selling mainstream products; Go up to a higher level: be a mainstream brand


Development Strategies Branding Stage Smashing of defective refrigerators has turned out to be the urge for brand. In 1985, 76 Rui Xue refrigerators were found defective. Zhang Ruimin ordered workers who had made these refrigerators to destroy them in public using sledgehammers. In this way, the quality awareness of employees was awakened and the Branding Strategy proposed by Zhang Ruimin was further strengthened. Quality is and will remain the essence of business sustainable, whether in the past, present or future. Summary: Focusing on refrigerator, Haier explored and gathered experience in corporate management to lay a solid foundation for its later expansion. A localizable mode of management was established.                                     1985 When 76 refrigerators were destroyed for poor quality, the quality awareness of employees was awakened


Development Strategies Diversification Stage Get what we want without losing what we have. September 5th, 1997 is an important Milestones in the history of Haier Group. The launch of color television indicated Haier's initial success in the brown goods sector through cross-sector restructure as the No.1 white goods supplier in China since its start 1984, marking a significant advance of Haier Group towards an international conglomerate. Haier had acquired 18 companies running at a loss and activated the assets with a total amount of RMB 1.55 billion by restructure, recapitalization, recovery of idle assets through the period from 1984 to 1998, including Qingdao Red Star Appliances Stock Co., Ltd., Wuhan Xi Dao Industrial Stock Co., Ltd., Laiyang General Household Appliances Plant and Hefei Yellow Mount Television Plant, etc. with a total loss of RMB 550 million. Being a increasingly stronger presence, Haier Group has created more and more intangible assets using its capital operation idea of "Get what we want without losing what we have", which brings about immeasurable benefits for business growth. Summary: Diversify from one product to a variety of products (in 1984, we had refrigerators only, and in 1998, we had dozens of products), from white goods to brown goods through capital operation in a way of "activating shock fish". Tangible assets were activated using intangible assets and the business was expanded and strengthened at the minimum cost and in the shortest time.


Development Strategies Development Strategies Internationalization Stage To become a national brand is not enough. If a business is successful only in the domestic market, the superiority won't last long. All things are difficult before they are easy. Build name brand in developed markets and then expand the business into developing markets with little resistance. Summary: Products are sold in great volume to major economic regions all over the world. With well established overseas distribution network and after-sales service network, Haier Brand is warmly received with sound notability, reputation and recognition.


Development Strategies Global-Brand Stage Characteristics: In order to adapt to the trend of integrated global economy, and to manage its worldwide brand, Haier group steps into the fourth developing strategic innovative phase from 2006: the strategy phase of global brand after the Brand Strategy Phase, Multi-Dimensional Strategy Phase and Internationalization Strategy Phase. The difference between international strategy and global brand strategy: international strategy phase is based on china, radiating to the whole world while global brand strategy is to create localized Haier brand in each market. The issue to be transacted for Haier implementing global brand strategy is to promote the products' and business management competitiveness to realize win-win profits with suppliers, customers and users. Transformed from unitary culture to multi-culture, Haier realized sustainable development.


One brand model shop Financial market… Samsung Electronics LG Electronics SONY, Philps… Local small size low price Companies, low price with OEM Products.


Every Little Helps Comparative factor of Haier in Korea


SWOT Strength Low price Various types of categories and products Weakness Brand power Awareness Customer support (ex. service center) Haier in Korea Threat Customers needs – Korea and other countries vs. China Saturated market Opportunity Possibility to induce new business (ex. financial market, construction industry…) Price competitiveness


I Haier's cultural concept: Being itself is the product of not-being II Haier HR concept: Promotion is based upon excellence, not appearance III Haier's strategy concept: Priority given to influence and then profits IV Haier OEC Management: An enterprise likened to be a ball on a slope. V Haier's Market-Chain: Market is where you are and what you do VI. Be brand the sail, be customer the teacher - Haier's brand marketing philosophy VII. Be customer the soil for business growth - Haier's service philosophy VIII. Go abroad, go localized, go up to a higher level - globalized Haier First difficult, then easy Without domestic market, business is rootless, without international market, business is weak. Three 1/3s 1/3 made and sold at home,1/3 made at home and sold abroad,1/3 made and sold abroad Three-in-one localization Three-in-one localization: Haier has its technical development centers, manufacture bases and trading companies set up overseas to enable localized operations with respect to design, manufacture and marketing, among which are Haier America, Haier Europe, Haier Middle East, Haier Southeast Asia, and more. Integration and creation Three internationalization steps Five globalization strategies Co-optition Go abroad, go localized, go up to a higher level Values and Pilosophy


Current Strategies for Globalization Phase 1 : Increasing Brand Awareness Haier did not pay attention to revenue, but also brand reputation in the practice of product exportation Phase 2 : Exploiting Markets Establishing Manufacturing Plants Haier made decision to exploit market and then to establish manufacture plants in foreign countries.   Phase 3 : Localization Haier used local resources of design, manufacture and distribution in foreign countries. If this process is likened to a tree, these three phases are seeding, rooting and harvesting.        These three phases developed in practice while the awareness of Haier management of international business were deepened.   


Haier Refrigerators Company Ltd 1. Floor area: 466,900 sq.m 2. Key products: Refrigerator, freezer, etc. 3. Date of incorporation: April, 1999 The project of Haier (America) Refrigerator Plant began in April 1999 in Camden, South Carolina. The plant was put into operation in March 2000 having approximately 180 local employees. Before setting up its plant in the Unites States, the annual sales volume of Haier in this market was less than USD 30,000,000. The project has helped to increase the annual sales volume of Haier in the Unites States by 8 times, i.e. USD 250,000,000, within three years. Haier has sold more than 1,000,000 refrigerators in the Unites States, ranking the 5th place and taking 11% of the market share. In the freezer sector, Haier ranks the 3rd place and takes 9% of the market share, and, in the air conditioner sector, Haier ranks the 3rd place and takes 12% of the market share. Current Investments : AMERICA


Haier Italy Appliances Spa 1. Address: Via de Cristoforis 12 Varse, Italy 2. Floor area: 22,000 sq.m 3. Key products: refrigerator and microwave oven 4. Date of incorporation: 2001 Haier acquired an Italian refrigerator on June 19, 2001. The acquisition marked the successful three-in-one localization in Europe after the United Sates. Haier Italy has gradually developed into the heart of financing, innovation and reputation.  EUROPE


Haier Syria Appliances Co., Ltd. 1. Floor area: 50,000 sq.m 2. Key products: Home appliances such as air conditioner, refrigerator and washer, etc. 3. Date of incorporation: 2002 By virtue of state-of-the-art technology, a team of technical support is sent to the Syrian project from Haier on a regular basis, thus to further implement the specifications in production and process and help to promote the brand awareness and market share in Middle East. By a localized operation, the cost for Haier products to be introduced into the Syria market has been remarkably reduced. The joint venture has moved to a higher historic level in terms of daily output and product quality. Haier Middle East Appliances Co. Ltd 1. Floor area: 141,000 sq.m 2. Date of incorporation: June 2002        Being a major source of petroleum for the world, Middle East is wealthy and has a vast demand for home appliances. The advantageous tariff policy in the surrounding area also provides a favorable environment for Haier to build brand awareness and good reputation. MIDDLE EAST


Haier (Pakistan) Industrial Park 1 Address: Lahore, Pakistan 2 Floor area: 150,000 sq.m 3 Key Products: refrigerator, washing machine and air conditioning 4 Date of incorporation: April 2001 South Asia has been considered as one of the markets offering greatest potential of economic growth and presents a multitude of opportunities. With many internationally recognized brands landing at Pakistan, it's reported that the gross demand for home appliances in Pakistan reaches approximately 4 million. On April 10, 2001, the groundbreaking ceremony of Haier (Pakistan) Industrial Park was held in Lahore, Pakistan.  Receiving full support from both Chinese and Pakistani governments, the project has been rolled out smoothly. Up to now, the factory buildings have been completed and Haier's equipment has been installed and commissioned. The marketing network has taken shape and the planning schemes of industrial park have been generally implemented. In particular, the plants manufacturing CKD washing machines and CKD refrigerators went into operation on May 6, 2002 and May 28, 2002 respectively, while the air conditioner plant started in the midmonth of June, 2002. Based on a local market survey, Haier launched a freezer exclusively designed for local consumers in 2004. Haier products are warmly received in Pakistan for its innovative design, supreme quality and excellent after-sales service.      


Introduction It is worldwide admitted that Japan has developed home appliance industry and Japanese market is hard to enter even for European and American successful brands. However, on January 8, 2002, Haier and Sanyo established a joint venture and Haier products have been distributed in Japanese market. The Sino-Japanese cooperation invented by Haier CEO Zhang Ruimin and Sanyo President Satoshi Iue has been praised as the Asian Model by the world community. Haier and Sanyo share mutual market advantages and global resources for a win-win development. In May, 2002, Haier home appliances were distributed in Japan through Sanyo's sales channels at the prices similar to that of Japanese leading brands for enhancement of Haier's reputation. Many Japanese professionals believe that Haier is the first foreign brand accepted by Japanese consumers. At the same time, Sanyo batteries were sold in China through Haier's distribution network. This ¡°Sanyo by Haier" marketing model caused sensation of Chinese industries while Sanyo advanced toward the goal to become a leader in China's battery market. Haier gains recognition in Japan Haier products are currently distributed by some Japanese chain stores and widely recognized by Japanese consumers as a result of high quality and unique design. JAPAN


History 2003.2 Opened Raison Office 2004.5 Established Haier Korea Co.Ltd. 2004.6 Opened 26 A/S Centers 2004.7 Introduced Wine Cellar 2004.12. Introduced Small Washing Machines 2005. 3. Introduced Small Refrigerators 2005. 4. Introduced Air Conditioners 2006. 3. Introduced LCD TV Competition Strategy Focusing on Customer Satisfaction : Quality, After Service Network OEM for domestic manufactures White Home Appliances and Multi Media products -> IT Products Haier Korea Co.Ltd.




Brand Positioning in Korean Market Samsung / LG Haier Quality Price Daewoo Others


Competition in Korea Source:Joins.com 2006.11.10 LCD TV Samsung \2,250,000 vs Haier \1,290,000


Source:Joins.com 2006.11.10 Popular TVs and Notebook Computers in Korea


Strategies for the future of Haier as a foreign Investor in Korea Global R&D Center in Korea : Technology and Design - White Home Appliances, Multi Media Products, IT products Joint Venture or M&A - Developing in Korea - Production in plants with global competitiveness - Marketing for Global Market


Global R&D Center in Korea : Paju City (Gyonggi Do) Technology and Design - White Home Appliances, Multi Media Products, IT products


Joint Venture or M&A : Candidates - Developing in Korea - Production in plants with global competitiveness - Marketing for Global Market Daewoo Electronics Erae Electronics

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