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Hello I'm righting from Portugal, We(me and a friend) are studying to initiate an academy here in Portugal and We enjoy very much your presentation. Do you think it is possible to give us the file, not for direct use in the potential clients but to help us create our own presentation in Portuguese. We are thinking in lunch the course as a normal curriculum course, not as summer camp. But if you could give us the presentation will be a big help. Thank you in advance. DS

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An Introduction to Summer Academy Kindergarten


Who We Are Quality kindergarten with international character that prepares our children to be leaders in a global environment.


Challenges Parents Face with their Kids Today Lack of Communication / Social skills Low Self-Esteem and lack of Self-Discipline Under-challenged by the Education System Lack of Creativity & Problem-Solving skills Lack of passion for Learning and Reading Habits Lack of Freedom of Expression and room for Exploration Highly Stressed Children


Challenges of the current Education Industry Fragmented Education System (no One-Stop Centre) Lack of Quality Education / Curriculum Lack of Qualified, Professional, Committed Teachers Over-Emphasis on Academic Results (Un-balanced Life Style) Lack of Nutrition in their Daily Diet Not keeping up to date with the Global Education Trends / Methods / Technology / Training Lack of Long-Term Vision for the Foundation required for Tomorrow’s Leaders


Summer Academy’s Aim: * To create a solid foundation to meet tomorrow’s challenges.


Skills required for Tomorrow’s Challenges Communication Skills Problem-Solving Skills Leadership Skills Social Skills / Ethical Values Adaptability Love for Learning


Our Vision To create * a safe, conducive and stimulating learning environment where children are encouraged to explore and experience the joy of learning. * a secure and supportive environment where bright and curious children can interact with and learn from each other. * a partnership of trust and cooperation between parents and teachers to maximise our children’s potential.


* To provide high quality curriculum that develop children’s communication skills, leadership qualities, ability to learn, apply knowledge and solve problems, and inculcate the love for learning. * To embrace excellence and passion as our culture so that our children may be similarly influenced. Our Vision


* Every student is special and unique and has the potential to do his/her best; * Dedicated and qualified teachers will make a difference in the student’s development and learning; * High quality and proven curriculum will provide the children with appropriate challenge at each phase of their growth. Our Philosophy


We can make the difference Child-Centered & Personalised Attention High-Level of Child’s Participation Positive reinforcement Motivating child’s interest to learn Low Student-Teacher Ratio Develop the whole child Classroom centered Primarily Teacher-led Incl. Negative reinforcement Relies on Memorization Basic Academic learning High Student-Teacher Ratio Traditional Summer Academy


What can you expect from US ? * Quality Education for your kids; * Safe and Conducive environment for your kids; * Quality food; * Prepare your Kids for Primary School; * Create a well-balanced child (both Socially & Academically);


What can you expect from US ? * Giving the Students the room and space to explore and discover new skills and knowledge; * Extensive choice of books at our Summer Academy Library; * Encourage the Students to give their Ideas & Opinions; * Regular Parents & Teachers meetings or Parents’ Nights.


What can we expect from YOU ? * Co-operation between Parents & Summer Academy; * Constant Communication between Parents & Summer Academy Teachers; * Giving the kids the room and space for the kids to develop themselves in their own Pace & Ability; * Constant encouragement towards the kids’ achievements.


Natalie Chow (age 6) On FasTracKids...”she learns how to think rather then taking answers or instructions only. This is the kind of learning environment which we are happy with and want Natalie to be with always.” On Mind Your English …  “after attending the English class, Natalie has become enthusiastic about reading.  She has picked up more vocabulary … and more confident in expressing her thoughts through writing.” On Little Dragon Mandarin … “To love the Chinese language and practice is in life is a big task for Natalie and now she is willing to try it. This is a good start to learn a language. We are happy of her progress so far.” Parents’ Testimonial Chris Chow (Natalie’s Mum)


Parents’ Testimonial Louis-Shzeng (age 4) Living in Paris where our son Louis-Shzeng (age 4) attends a private international school we felt challenged looking for a 3 month programme here in Malaysia. Summer Academy (FasTracKids) was the solution. Strong in teaching both English and Mandarin the school provides high quality teaching, supported by the best technology and by highly qualified, internationally experienced staff. Summer Academy is education through fun, play and experimentation in a warm environment. This is our second year and we will return in 2008. Robert Potter 3/9/2007


B.A in Psychology, (Amherst College) Massachusetts, USA Chartered Accountancy Certification ACCA (UK); 1999-2003 Public Accountant at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Masters in Economics; B.A. in Economics; 2000-2004 Public Accountant at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Trained & Qualified Computer Literacy Instructor by Futurekids; Approved Assessor to conduct the ICT exam (University of Cambridge); Completed Montessori Method of Education Diploma course; 1997-2004 Centre Manager at Futurekids. Studied Mechanical Engineering at Monash University in Melbourne; Diploma in Engineering & Advance diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (SEGI College); Taught in the Australian Public School system for > 1 year. Our Team of Professionals


Diploma in Early Childhood Education (Jan 2007 – current) Her hobby and passion is working with children BSc, majoring in Agri-Culture Private tutor for Secondary School students on Science Subjects Degree in Marketing MBA (2006 – current) Mandarin Tuition Teacher B.A. in Psychology (UCSI) Summer Camp Coach in USA Private Tutor for Chinese Primary Sch students for 5 years. Her hobby is to play the flute and read Chinese literature Our Team of Professionals


FasTracKids Educational Goals are: * To prepare students for School & Life; * To provide students with Accelerated, Enriched Education; * To teach students how to Apply and Transfer Knowledge; * To encourage Creativity and Brain Development; * To develop Speaking and Communication Skills; * To encourage Leadership and Personality development. Our Curriculum – FasTracKids (USA) Currently offered in 39 countries (e.g. USA, Spain, Mexico, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Russia)


Application of Knowledge Speaking & Communication Skills Creativity Development Knowledge Enrichment Leadership & Personality Development Breakdown of 2 hours FTK class 12 Modules: Biology, Astronomy, Literature, Economics, SDA, Earth Science, Mathematics, Goals & Life lessons, Natural Science, Creativity, Technology and Communication.


Our Curriculum – Child Friendly Phonics Welcome to Letterland! We are a UK-based publisher specialising in creating high-quality, synthetic phonics resources for learners at home and at school. Letterland is a complete, fast-paced, synthetic phonics system and is loved by children in thousands of schools and homes all over the world. We have a fantastic selection for boys and girls from ages 2-7+. UK, Canada, USA, NZ, South Africa, Singapore, Belgium, Ireland, Australia


Our Curriculum – English Literacy Program Unleash a love for language with Collins’ bestselling Focus on Literacy.  Used by British International Schools worldwide, focus on Literacy provides children with exposure to a collection of U.K.’s best children’s literature.


Our Curriculum – Little Dragon Mandarin The teaching philosophy can be easily summarized with three words: 'Learning Through Stories.' Based on a classroom-proven pedagogy, Better Chinese developed a series of easy-to-use, fun and comprehensive materials to excite children about learning Chinese. Not only will they learn the language naturally, they will also have fun and develop a keen understanding of the Chinese culture Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, USA, and now Malaysia (Summer Academy)


Our Curriculum – Summer Academy Kinder Taekwondo Baby Tennis Music Appreciation Speech, Drama & Art, Cooking & Gardening Everyday Mathematics (McGrawHill)


Our Curriculum – Summer Academy Holiday Program


When working with young children, there is a very short window of opportunity….. Learning is FUN, It is FUN to Learn… SIGN UP NOW !!!

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