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XIM Wireless Services: 

XIM Wireless Services 2005 Property rights of XIM Inc.

About XIM: 

About XIM Founded in 1994, XIM, Inc. is a Professional Services Organization Focus on two primary markets: Mobile/Wireless and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) XIM is headquartered in San Francisco with other locations in the US and overseas 150+ fulltime staff

XIM’s Wireless Services General: 

XIM’s Wireless Services General Provide assistance to OEMs, Carriers and ISVs in the development, integration / porting, and testing of applications and solutions geared towards the consumer marketplace Includes email, MMS, SMS, DRM, I-Mode and other applications - development and integration Porting of applications and their certification on all major platforms - Java, Symbian, BREW and Microsoft Testing: in carrier labs, as well as in various geographies - US, Europe and Asia Develop and implement enterprise mobile solutions in various vertical markets - Supply-Chain, Financial Services and Healthcare

XIM’s Wireless Services Skill Set: 

XIM’s Wireless Services Skill Set Wireless Technologies J2ME BREW WAP/WML/WML Script SMS GPRS, 1XRTT, EV-DO Bluetooth Cell Broadcast (CB) SIM Application Toolkit (SAT) Mobile Station Application Execution Environment (MExE) Wireless Operating Systems Palm OS all versions, Windows CE, Pocket PC, Symbian, Amiga OS Wireless Development Tools Microsoft .NET Mobile Web SDK, OracleMobile Online Studio – solution hosted by OracleMobile, Bluestone Total-e-Mobile, Lutris Enhydra, Morphis Servers Microsoft Mobile Information Server (MIS) Methodologies UML, Design Patterns, OOAD/OOP, Extreme Programming Languages Java (J2ME), C, C++

XIM’s Wireless Services Experience: 

XIM’s Wireless Services Experience Wireless Platforms Windows CE, Pocket PC, J2ME, Symbian, Blackberry and Palm Network Technologies GSM, CDMA, TDMA, Wireless LAN, Radio Frequency (RF) and Bluetooth Mobile Data Technologies SMS, MMS, GPRS, WAP and 3G

XIM’s Wireless Services Application Development: 

XIM’s Wireless Services Application Development Deliver innovative wireless solutions Reduce costs Boost productivity Expedite ‘Time-To-Market’ Provide development and support continuity

XIM’s Wireless Services Application Development: 

XIM’s Wireless Services Application Development Customized solutions for the enterprise Redesign and extend Internet-based applications to the wireless environment. Extend legacy and other corporate information to end-users Provide remote access to data for the mobile work force

XIM’s Wireless Services Application Integration: 

Software Vendors WAP Browser - Gateway MMS Client - Server Sync Client - Server Download Client - Server Hardware Vendors – OEM Hardware Platform and Device Layer Code Preinstalled – Local Apps Mobile Operator – Carrier Networks: CDMA, GSM, GPRS, 1XRTT, 3G Protocols WAP, TCP Technologies: WAP, Alerts, Provisioning XIM’s Wireless Services Application Integration Application Integration ‘Bermuda Triangle’

XIM’s Wireless Services Application Integration: 

XIM’s Wireless Services Application Integration Software Vendors (ISV) - OEM level services Custom software development and integration Porting for all major platforms Pre-certification testing for 'Symbian Signed', 'Java Verified' and 'Mobile2Market' programs OEM - Mobile Operator (Carrier) level services Interoperability and compatibility testing On- and Off-Site Carrier testing Application integration and porting

XIM’s Wireless Services Application Testing: 

XIM’s Wireless Services Application Testing Device and Market Segmentation Port to Top 40 Devices Launch An App Localize to 4 Languages 1 build 40 builds 200 builds Support Portfolio of 20 Apps 4000 builds

XIM’s Wireless Services Application Testing: 

XIM’s Wireless Services Application Testing Development of test strategies, test plans, and test cases Architecting test automation frameworks and test harnesses Programming of test harnesses and test scripts Test execution Bug reporting Test harnesses and test suites maintenance Test engineers support Flexibility — XIM as your exclusive testing arm or as part of internal QA team On time delivery with better budget control

XIM’s Wireless Services Application Testing: 

Project Planning Documentation Review Requirements Lockdown Resource Identification Resource Assignment Tool Setup and Training QA Plan & Strategy Post Deployment Plan Test Development Application Familiarity Test Requirements Test Cases/Scenarios Test Data/Content Test Automation Evaluate Pros vs. Cons Automate Scripts/Suites Semi-Automation Utility Functions Test Execution Build Acceptance Functionality UI Standards Data Integrity Error Handling Boundary Analysis Security Load/Performance Usability Bug Regression Preproduction Smoke Defect Tracking Problem Analysis Prioritization Debugging Data Reporting Email Notifications Reporting QA Status Reports Project-End Reports Ad Hoc Reports Emergency Reports QA Post Mortem email web based Porting 3rd Party Tools OS expertise Change Control XIM’s Wireless Services Application Testing Standardized Process

XIM’s Wireless Services Pre-certification: 

XIM’s Wireless Services Pre-certification We provide a full range of wireless application pre-certification services ranging from process and requirements consultations to end-to-end carrier/platform specific compatibility and interoperability testing. We offer: Our team will help you prepare your applications for BREW, Java Verified, Pocket PC, Mobile2Market, Microsoft Smartphone, and Nokia OK. Application testing for major US, European and Latin American carriers Application Customization

XIM’s Wireless Services Strategic Cosulting: 

XIM’s Wireless Services Strategic Cosulting XIM offers: Assist companies in developing and implementing new products and in new markets Product feature identification and requirements definition Product feasibility study and prototyping Product positioning

Contact Us: 

Contact Us XIM Headquarters: 101 Spear St. Suite 224 San Francisco, California, US 94105 Tel: 415.222.9909 Email: contact@ximxim.com www.ximxim.com

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