Why do we Need a Riverfront Master Plan


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Brant Eagle Projects Presentation to Brantford Council Oct. 6/08


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Why do we need a Waterfront Master Plan? : 

Why do we need a Waterfront Master Plan?

To Better Utilize our Greatest Asset : 

To Better Utilize our Greatest Asset Grand River and its Tributaries are relatively untapped as a Resource, but frequently abused Eco-tourism opportunities are abundant, yet rarely utilized, accessed Canoeing, kayaking, boating on the Grand is on the upswing, access to more points is crucial Trails and park opportunities are under pressure by outside interests, developers, we risk losing access to trails, natural features, vistas

To Protect our Greatest Asset : 

To Protect our Greatest Asset Recent developments along Grand River are causing harm to Natural states, structures, features A need to increase the “Site Controls” on allowable construction, I;e containment, protection of storm water system Protection of the Grand River and not our perceived tax base should be in the forefront of the master plan

To Protect our Greatest Asset : 

To Protect our Greatest Asset Protecting our primary water source Being the City that not only built its livelihood on the banks of the Grand River, but one that respects where life began on the Grand River and why, and further to extend that to future generations We owe this to each other and the future

Compliment, Strengthen Present Legislation : 

Compliment, Strengthen Present Legislation To Further protect Significant habitats, ecosystems, natural features, canopies and natural, native plant growth To Further map, protect Endangered, Threatened Species, I;E Bald Eagles, Osprey and many more within the watershed, City boundary, jurisdictional area of Brantford

Sharing, Bragging Rights : 

Sharing, Bragging Rights We can confidently share this success to our Tourists, Visitors We can continue to increase our stewardship of, and responsibility to this resource We can leave a legacy of life, living beings to further generations yet to come

Irony of it all : 

Irony of it all The Grand River has some very important designations 1) It is a Canadian Historic River and as such should be respected for its History, Natural History and the word Minimal should be struck out unless it refers to damage, impact and not the standards we are using today that often are “Minimal” 2) Portions that run through the City of Brantford are known as “Exceptional Waters” essentially a fisherman's dream and should be protected as such, this is Eco- Tourism at its finest Yet, no plan for the River…….. We can change this right here and now, make the change, embrace it

We can Finally say we did it : 

We can Finally say we did it After 26 years of promises we can finally come together as one and find the will to make it happen, I mean how much longer could we possibly take doing so? We can stop wasting money on side programs, study after study, consult after consult and finally get to the heart of the matter, the Grand River, the Watershed WE can confidently state, “We will plunder our Resources no more,” “We will Protect it.” “We will find the resources to do the above”

This is why………… : 

This is why…………

Stone wall on Banks near former Lorne Dam : 

Stone wall on Banks near former Lorne Dam

Kirby Islands : 

Kirby Islands

More Kirby Islands : 

More Kirby Islands

Along our Trail Syatem : 

Along our Trail Syatem

Thank You : 

Thank You Brant Eagle Project branteagleproject@gmail.com

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