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2011-2012 Quitman County Middle School Cobras!!! :

2011-2012 Quitman County Middle School Cobras!!! Welcome to ICT 1!!!!!!!


Itinerary Introduction of the course Introduction of myself My expectations of you What to expect from me Rules and procedures (separate handout) Question/Answer ICEBREAKER!!!

ICT 1!!!!!:

ICT 1!!!!! ICT stands for Information & Computer Technology. We will focus on keyboarding, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, etc. Your work will relate to your other subjects as well.

Who am I???:

Who am I??? From the GREAT city of Marks, MS Graduated from Delta State University. A member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. I love sports, (GO LAKERS, 49ERS, and Florida State Seminoles) listening to music, relaxing, etc. I am excited about this school year!

My Expectations of You!:

My Expectations of You! First, I expect you to behave appropriately at all times. Second, I expect you to respect God, respect yourselves, respect me, and respect the classroom. Third, I expect you to do your best at all times!!!

What you should expect from me…:

What you should expect from me… You should expect me to be respectful towards you and your concerns and opinions. You should expect me to listen to you and take what you say seriously. You should expect me to be fair and honest with you at all times.

Rules and Procedures:

Rules and Procedures Make sure to raise your hand before speaking and getting out of your seat. Respect the property! Everything you do represents you and your family! Make smart decisions.



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