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Exam Code: JN0-1100:

Exam Code: JN0-1100 Juniper Networks Certified Design Associate (JNCDA) http://freebraindumps.co/download-JN0-1100-vce-questions-answers.html


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QUESTION 1 What are two features used to enable high availability? (Choose two.) A. VRRP B. chassis clustering C. full duplex mode D. SNMP Answer: AB http://freebraindumps.co/download-JN0-1100-vce-questions-answers.html


QUESTION 2 You want to stretch Layer 2 traffic between two data centers.Which three open standards protocols would be used for this task? (Choose three .) A. EVPN B. OTV C. VPLS D. FabricPath E. GRE Answer: ACE http://freebraindumps.co/download-JN0-1100-vce-questions-answers.html


QUESTION 3 What are three ways to secure a customer’s network that includes several retail stores? (Choose three.) A. Isolate sensitive data from devices that access the network using security zones. B. Ensure that the network meets PCI compliance. C. Use 802.11g to isolate sensitive data from devices that access the network. D. Secure cashier access from branch locations by requiring BYOD. E. Provide guest access on a separate VLAN protected by NAC. Answer: ABE http://freebraindumps.co/download-JN0-1100-vce-questions-answers.html


QUESTION 4 Your customer is a growing enterprise with limited capital to invest in network expansions. They have noticed performance problems in their campus LAN, which have been traced back to a high oversubscription ratio between the aggregation and core layers. The customer’s aggregation and core switches are connected using a single 1GbE connection. Which solution improves network performance? A. Add additional 1GbE connections between the aggregation and core layers with LACP. B. Add additional 1GbE connections between the aggregation and core layers with MACsec . C. Add additional 1GbE connections between the aggregation and core layers with PNAC. D. Add additional 1GbE connections between the aggregation and core layers with LLDP. Answer: A http://freebraindumps.co/download-JN0-1100-vce-questions-answers.html


QUESTION 5 Your customer frequently hosts visitors who are not employees of the organization. The visitors typically request Internet access but do not require access to corporate resources. Network security is the customer’s primary concern. Which solution should you include in your design proposal? A. SSL B. NAC C. QoS D. BYOD Answer: B http://freebraindumps.co/download-JN0-1100-vce-questions-answers.html


QUESTION 6 In a bring-your-own-device deployment, where would non-authenticated users be placed? A. C-VLAN B. guest VLAN C. production VLAN D. S-VLAN Answer: B http://freebraindumps.co/download-JN0-1100-vce-questions-answers.html


QUESTION 7 You have an access switch that must connect to an aggregation switch. The two switches are 2,600 feet (800 meters) apart. Which type of media would be used to connect the Layer 2 switches? A. multimode fiber B. single-mode fiber C. cat5 cable D. cat6E cable Answer: B http://freebraindumps.co/download-JN0-1100-vce-questions-answers.html


QUESTION 8 What are three considerations for network capacity planning? (Choose three.) A. number of users B. application behavior C. user locations D. network management platform E. security regulations Answer: ABC http://freebraindumps.co/download-JN0-1100-vce-questions-answers.html


QUESTION 9 You are asked to examine the infrastructure requirements needed to provision a new network build in support of a customer who wants to take advantage of their service provider’s MPLS/VPN offering. Which three considerations would be relevant to this work? (Choose three.) A. supplicant roles in the current network layout B. server hypervisor and host OS selection C. backdoor connectivity requirements D. IGP protocols deployed in the customer environment E. site-to-site versus site-to-hub communications Answer: CDE http://freebraindumps.co/download-JN0-1100-vce-questions-answers.html


QUESTION 10 Which statement describes a data center? A. The data center locally hosts thousands of users with wired connections, all with three to four active devices. B. The data center typically involves high density topologies with multiple points of access. C. The data center encompasses a broad area that is used to interconnect business locations and resources. D. The data center houses the computing resources and services used by a company. Answer: D http://freebraindumps.co/download-JN0-1100-vce-questions-answers.html


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