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http://www.realbraindumps.com/JN0-343-braindumps.html Exam Code: JN0-343 Exam Name: Juniper Networks Certified Internet Specialist JNCIS-ENT

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QUESTION 1 How much overhead does the GRE header add to an IPv4 packet A. 24 bytes B. 32 bytes C. 48 bytes D. 64 bytes Answer: A http://www.realbraindumps.com/JN0-343-braindumps.html

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QUESTION 2 What are two valid BPDU types Choose two. A. topology change notification B. configuration change C. configuration D. root bridge Answer: AC http://www.realbraindumps.com/JN0-343-braindumps.html

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QUESTION 3 Which of the following is enabled by default on an EX Series switch A. MAC move limiting B. storm control C. IP source guard D. dynamic ARP inspection Answer: B http://www.realbraindumps.com/JN0-343-braindumps.html

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QUESTION 4 Which OSPF LSA type is sent by all routers in an area to advertise its connected subnets A. router B. network C. external D. summary Answer: A http://www.realbraindumps.com/JN0-343-braindumps.html

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QUESTION 5 Which command correctly assigns AS 65432 as the local routers autonomous system A. set protocols bgp local-as 65432 Real 8 Juniper JN0-343 Exam B. set routing-options local-as 65432 C. set protocols bgp autonomous-system 65432 D. set routing-options autonomous-system 65432 Answer: D http://www.realbraindumps.com/JN0-343-braindumps.html

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QUESTION 6 Which Junos command correctly configures the ge-0/0/0.0 interface to operate only for IS-IS Level 2 A. set interfaces ge-0/0/0.0 family iso level 2 enable Real 9 Juniper JN0-343 Exam B. set interfaces ge-0/0/0.0 family iso level 1 disable C. set protocols isis interface ge-0/0/0.0 level 2 enable D. set protocols isis interface ge-0/0/0.0 level 1 disable Answer: D http://www.realbraindumps.com/JN0-343-braindumps.html

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QUESTION 7 An administrator finds that traffic from a large file download over an HTTP session is not load- balanced across multiple links in a LAG. What is the possible cause A. Per-packet load-balancing is not configured. B. The redundant path has a different IGP metric. C. The hash key is not configured in the forwarding-options stanza.http://www.gratisexam.com/ D. This is the expected behavior. Answer: D http://www.realbraindumps.com/JN0-343-braindumps.html

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QUESTION 8 What is the default behavior of a trunk port when it receives transit traffic without a VLAN tag A. It drops the traffic. B. It forwards the traffic. C. It tags the transit traffic with lowest VLAN ID permitted on the trunk. D. It tags the transit traffic with highest VLAN ID permitted on the trunk. Answer: A http://www.realbraindumps.com/JN0-343-braindumps.html

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QUESTION 9 When processing inbound Ethernet frames which firewall filter is evaluated first by an EX Series switch A. port filter B. VLAN filter C. trunk filter D. route filter Answer: A http://www.realbraindumps.com/JN0-343-braindumps.html

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QUESTION 10 What are three states for RSTP Choose three. A. discarding B. blocking C. listening D. learning E. forwarding Answer: ADE http://www.realbraindumps.com/JN0-343-braindumps.html

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Exam Name: Juniper Networks Certified Internet Specialist JNCIS-ENT Exam Code: JN0-343 http://www.realbraindumps.com/JN0-343-braindumps.html

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