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GiftWorksPlus offers custom photo engraved frames featuring up to six different photographs engraved into the wooden frames.


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GiftWorksPlus Gives Anyone with a Camera the Ability to Create a Custom Frame Etched with Their Own Photos GiftWorksPlus offers custom photo engraved frames featuring up to six different photographs engraved into the wooden frames. Waukesha, WI, February 27, 2014 - Released February 27, 2014 by the Minneapolis online marketing agency, Brandography: Photography is a popular hobby among people of all ages. With the expansion of camera capabilities on mobile phones, the hobby has expanded far beyond the expense and intrigue of film. Now, men, women, and children can easily take pictures anytime, anywhere. The growth of the photography hobby has brought challenges of its own, however. Though accessible to many more individuals, digital photography is often not shared as film photography once was. It seems that many times, amateur photographers are content to simply capture shots and then keep the images on the device, stored on a computer, or lost in a wave of social media posts. GiftWorksPlus , the leader in custom frames and picture gifts, knows that half the fun of photography is sharing the shots snapped on a camera or a camera phone in a unique and interesting way. So, the personalized frames company has made it possible for anyone with a camera to create custom wood picture frames etched with their own photos. The custom photo engraved frame from GiftWorksPlus not only showcases one photograph displayed behind glass, but up to six additional photographs which are laser-etched into the alderwood frames. Uploading is easy and free personalization is standard at . A GiftWorksPlus custom photo engraved frame is totally one of a kind - due to the individual characteristics of the material and the unique photographs etched on the custom wooden frames, there are never two the same. Not only does this provide incentive to create personalized frames for personal use, but also to create custom frames as gifts. Based in Waukesha, Wisconsin, GiftWorksPlus offers an ever-increasing selection of engraved picture frames and picture gifts perfect for any occasion. All products are proudly made in the USA with each one crafted with care. Special requests and custom orders are always welcome at GiftWorksPlus. Personalization is free, shipping for orders over $50 is free, and customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Contact: Karla Jordan GiftWorksPlus N15 W22218 Watertown Rd. #5

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