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Greek Mythology: 

Greek Mythology Part 1: Places and How the Earth Began


Index Places How the Earth Began End


Places Mt. Olympus The Ocean The River Styx Earth The Underworld Back to INDEX

Mt. Olympus: 

Mt. Olympus Back to PLACES Olympus was where the gods lived. Zeus married his sister and together they ruled Olympus. There really is a Mt. Olympus and since it was so high up the Ancient Greeks decided it was the realm of the gods. Humans and other creatures could only visit Olympus if they had an invitation.


Earth Back to PLACES Earth is where the humans lived. Sometimes gods visited Earth, and often fell in love with one of Earth’s inhabitants. Sometimes they would have children who would be half human/half god. Many strange and dangerous creatures roamed Earth and heroes had to slaughter them.

The Underworld: 

The Underworld The underworld was a place inside the earth that was made up of three places; Tartarus, The Asphodel Fields, and The Elsyian Fields. The underworld was ruled by Hades, a.k.a. Pluto. Hades was Zeus’s brother. The Asphodel Fields The Elsyian Fields Tartarus Back to PLACES

The Ocean: 

The Ocean Back to PLACES The Ocean surrounded the Earth. The Ocean was ruled by Poseidon and his wife, Amphitrite, who was a sea-nymph. Poseidon controlled the wind and the waves. Sailors often made sacrifices to him so they would have smooth sailing.a

The Styx: 

The Styx Back to PLACES The River Styx was the way to get to the underworld. To get across you must pay Charon, the boatman. The cost was one obol, a Greek coin. After you paid him he would take you across.

The Asphodel Fields: 

The Asphodel Fields Back to the UNDER WORLD Normal commoners went to the Asphodel Fields. This was a gray, shadowy, misty, and ghostly place. Here their souls wandered around like shadows.


Tartarus Back to the UNDER WORLD Tartarus is where the worst humans and gods went. They suffered horrendous punishments such as eternal hunger and thirst, being tied to a wheel of fire, being hit with thunderbolts, climbing a mountain endlessly, and shameful donkey’s ears. These people had to suffer for eternity.

The Elysian Fields: 

The Elysian Fields Back to the UNDER WORLD Heroic, kind, and noble people went to the Elysian Fields. Here they rested and enjoyed lives of luxury and bliss. You could be sent to Earth to live another life after you died. If you went to the Elysian Field three times you could go to the Isles of the Blessed and never leave.

How the Earth Began: 

How the Earth Began Back to INDEX Mother Earth and her child, Uranus, had children. Rain fell from the sky, so the plants and animals appeared on Earth. Then, monsters came. Uranus banished these monsters to the Underworld. Please click on the pictures of the megaphone to hear the sounds of nature.


End Back to INDEX Back to Web Site Once you are done, click on the triangle to go back to my web site. Click on the circle to go the Bibliography. Bibliography

Helpful Books: 

Helpful Books Back to INDEX Greek Myths and Legends by: Cheryl Evans and Anne Millard

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