Power your ride-hailing business with on-demand Uber Clone App


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Receive the best Uber clone in the market with trailblazing features and an easy-to-handle admin panel at Uber like app. With 100% customization and ready-to-launch attribute, the clone app comes with features that help you handle your taxi business operations smoothly without any complications. Contact us today!


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Power your ride-hailing business with on-demand Uber Clone App :

Power your ride-hailing business with on-demand Uber Clone App


Introduction Uber has experienced runaway success in the ride-hailing market. Uber’s success has led to several competitors who are looking to cash in on the Uber gold rush. This is where Uber clone apps step in. Uber has an extremely functional app, and it stands to reason that fledgling ride-hailing business would be interested in emulating their accessible platform.

Essential features:

Essential features On-demand taxi-app development typically includes the following essential features : Customer/passenger app Driver’s app Admin dashboard, analytics, and reporting

Customer/passenger app :

Customer/passenger app Through this app, clients can make bookings, payments, and receive notifications. In addition, they receive all of the necessary metadata with regard to their ride histories and driver experience . The driver’s knowledge of routes/information, their politeness, etc ., and several other parameters can be rated.

Driver’s app :

Driver’s app Much like customers can rate drivers, drivers can rate customers as well, in terms of how polite they were, how the experience was, etc. The driver holds some weight in a taxi app service, and a client treating a blue-collar in a derogatory fashion is unacceptable. The driver has full freedom to comment on the customer.

Admin dashboard, analytics, and reporting :

Admin dashboard, analytics, and reporting This software is typically internet-based. This is usually developed keeping in mind where mobile phones and tablets, given today’s technological landscape.  This interface provides a sneak peek and overview of the processes and procedures, it provides the logistics with regards to trips and drivers and takes care of financial matters.

What are the expenses involved? :

What are the expenses involved? This is dependent on a lot of factors, particularly how the feature sets are implemented . There are specific features that are absolutely vital to taxi application, and these need to be paid particular attention . Real-time geolocation of the passenger and driver must be a feature, and a dashboard admin is required to make the taxi app solution functional . Payment options should be taken care of. The system must be coded in such a way that it doesn’t automatically log out users.

Interactive maps :

Interactive maps Maps that facilitate placing of pins on the exact location are the best solution for both driver and passenger. Approximately 140 hours is required for routing and geolocation . Payment Gateway integration Users typically from within the app using their credit card, wallet or even PayPal. There must be a facility to store payment data for seamless and instant payments.


Security is a major factor as it could be dangerous if this private data fell into the wrong hands . Payment gateway integration is a time-consuming aspect that can consume more than 110 hours USPs of Uber clone script Improved efficiency levels for your taxi app business Improved fleet administration Booking expansion

Going the extra mile :

Going the extra mile The customizability of clone app solutions enable you to add/remove services/features as you see fit : Several stopover points Call masking Preferences setting Heat zone End trip In-app messaging Referral campaigns Car rental


Conclusion The advantage of clone apps is that the development process is relatively simple, in comparison to developing a new app from the ground up which is an expensive process . If our Uber like app tickles your fancy, you can take it to the next step . We assist you in-app modification and customization. Our developers are there with you every step of the way of the clone app development process . Design a logo of your choosing: We provide white label solutions for you to implement the appropriate branding for your clone app .

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