Uber clone script - Customized solution for your taxi service business

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Begin your ride-hailing service with more feasible and user-friendly features by purchasing a Uber clone app script at Uber like App. With numerously inbuilt features, we deliver the best custom-made applications that precisely satisfies your expectations. Contact us today and receive the clone at just $2999.


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Uber clone script - Customized solution for your taxi service business :

Uber clone script - Customized solution for your taxi service business


Introduction Beginning or retaining your business in a highly proliferating market needs great efforts, and it becomes a necessity for every newbie to come up with new ideas to grab the attention. Currently, the taxi industry is experiencing such hype as well as flooded with new investors and startups since many statistics revealed the industry's present and futuristic economic growth reports . Initially, it was Uber who elevated the status besides increasing the economy of the taxi-hailing industry with its inception of the mobile application. Subsequently, many started to adopt the business model to gain familiarity among the people.


Now the industry is flooded with numerous applications exhibiting different features and taxi services . Yet it is told that there is enough space to fill as the demands of people are never-ending.  T his can be the right time if you are planning to get into the ride-hailing industry . But starting an app from scratch like planning the whole business model, hiring developers, estimating the cost of the project, etc. will be time-consuming. Therefore, instead of doing all these and keep postponing your launching process, you can deliberately choose an Uber clone app. Thus, all you have to do is to understand the complete work structure of the business model of your contenders, which can help you brainstorm new functionalities to include.

Standard features to incorporate in Passenger and Driver application :

Standard features to incorporate in Passenger and Driver application Registration process Profile maintenance Matchup Geo-location tracking Push notifications Automatic fare estimation Rating system


Registration process : Popular taxi applications like Uber ease the registration process by linking it with your social media platforms. This can help your new users avoid trouble that arises during manual entering. Incorporating this feature will help users to complete the process in minutes.  Profile maintenance: Allow your drivers and riders to edit their profile whenever they require. Accurate information, including personal details like contact number, the profile photo must be given and updated at specific intervals. This can help to maintain clear and hassle-free communication. Matchup: The matching process will take place only after verifying the driver's account and location. The passenger will be displayed with the availability of drivers in the nearby area, and when the book option is tapped, a ride request alert will be shown on the driver's screen. If the request is accepted, the ride will be initiated.


Geo-location tracking: This is one of the most crucial features in the location-based app like Uber, this can ease the driver as well as the rider without getting lost in the wrong direction while tracking each other's location in real-time. As an admin, you can easily track the movement of your vehicles across the city without any manual necessities. Push notifications: You can quickly grab the user's attention if you are releasing new features or discounts if you are intimating about it via push notifications. Also, you can provide information about the ride's arrival and driver details easily through this feature.  Automatic fare estimation: Enabling your riders to know about the cost of their rides before booking is reliable. People can choose whether to ride or not based on the estimated value. Sometimes a surge price can be fixed if there is any lack of drivers or during peak hours.


Payment integrations: Allow your riders to pay using credit as well as cashless. Be flexible while offering payment options, as this can make your customers love your app. Today many are willing to go cashless and so it will be better if you chose to incorporate net banking and card payments.  Rating system: This can help you know how well you satisfy your customers as well as understand their demands and expectations easily. Through this, you can easily enhance your application while refreshing your diver's professionalism.  For More details Visit us: https://www.uberlikeapp.com/uber-clone

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