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Looking for an effective dental treatment but scared of pain? Watch this slide show to learn about the benefits of sedation dentistry in Bozeman, MT.


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Why Fear? Smile for Sedation Dentistry in Bozeman MT:

Why Fear? Smile for Sedation Dentistry in Bozeman MT

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“Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth.” - Mallory Hopkins

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Scared of going to the dentist? Staying away from your dentist can decrease your quality of life and reduces overall health. Sedation dentistry assists you to overcome your anxiety of going to the dentist. A few sedation methods include general anesthetics, oral sedatives, IV sedation and nitrous oxide.

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Dental Facts Every year millions of people purposefully avoid their dentists Nearly 15 percent of Americans suffer from dental anxiety Between 5% and 8% of Americans avoid dentists out of fear

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Sedation – A Safe and Natural Treatment Looking for a comfortable, stress-free, friendly and supportive dental environment? Then sedation dentistry is a blessing to you! Sedation dentistry has been proven to be safe and effective.

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Has it been years since you have seen your dentist? If yes, then schedule an appointment with Bozeman Dental Associates now to enjoy the following benefits! It helps you to overcome fear and anxiety No pain Saves time and money Better quality dental care and treatment

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Make your dental experience pleasant and comfortable! To schedule an appointment call (406) 586-9621 today! E-mail or visit

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