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Drucker Law Offices 1325 S Congress Ave # 200 Boynton Beach, Florida 33425 (561) 265-1976 Have you been injured in an accident? Are you looking for a personal injury lawyer that will give you the personal attention that your case deserves? If so, you have found the right law firm. Drucker Law Offices is focused on giving its clients personal attention and that is the basis of the motto: “Personal Injury Deserves Personal Attention.”. The Florida accident attorney and injury lawyer, Gary J. Drucker, has been practicing law for over seventeen years in the Tri-County area.


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Insurance Advice in No-Fault States by Boynton Beach Accident Lawyer You might have suffered injuries in an automobile accident in Boynton Beach. The Boynton Beach falls within the jurisdiction of Florida. If you are willing to file a lawsuit/insurance claim against the defendant you have to abide by the legal rules of Florida. You will need the expertise of an experienced Boynton Beach accident lawyer in order to win a favorable outcome. An expert lawyer will keep you informed of the state-laws affecting your insurance claims/lawsuits after an automobile accident. No-Fault Legal Rule The car accident you have experienced in Boynton Beach might have been due to the negligence or carelessness of someone else. You may be thinking about suing the party at-fault for the compensation of your damages or financial losses. The no-fault rules of Florida will prevent you from making that claim. According to this legal rule your car insurance company will be responsible for the reimbursement of your damages or financial losses. It is a tricky process to avail money from any insurance company. Your own car insurance company may delay in making any reimbursement despite the timely payment of premiums. An expert Boynton Beach accident lawyer will help you resolve this controversial situation through his/her keen judgment. He/she may help you sue the car insurance company of the defendant despite the presence of ‘no- fault’ rule. You might have received permanently disabling/disfiguring damages in the accident. In this situation the state will wave the presence of ‘no-fault’ rule under the influence of a persuasive attorney. Boynton Beach’s Car Insurance Requirements You have to pay a hefty premium for your car insurance because Boynton Beach falls within the ‘no-fault’ zone. As a driver you are expected to pay a minimum amount of 10000 for PIP benefits and 10000 for PDL benefits. The state may suspend your license if you fail to maintain this minimum requirement. In Boynton Beach you are not required to pay for Bodily Injury Liability BIL benefits. Some rules are needed to be maintained properly during the filing of the insurance claim. An expert Boynton Beach accident lawyer will help you file an insurance claim non-erroneously. Deadlines for Lawsuits You will be barred from filing a lawsuit against the defendant in Boynton Beach due to the presence of ‘no-fault’ rule. A Boynton Beach accident lawyer will only be able to wave this rule if your injuries are severe or permanently impairing. In this situation you will have a deadline of four years to file a lawsuit against the defendant.

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This deadline is known as Statute of Limitation. The calculation of Statute of Limitation will start from the date of your accident. The holidays and weekends will also be included within this calculation. If you miss this deadline even by an hour you will be barred from filing the lawsuit. The guidance of an expert Boynton Beach accident lawyer will never let you miss this deadline.

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Avoid Legal Mistakes after Filing a Claim With Help of Boynton Beach Injury Attorney If you receive slip-and-fall injuries in Boynton Beach a few important features are necessary to remember before filing for a lawsuit. The Boynton Beach falls within the jurisdiction of Florida. Its legal proceedings also follow the rules and regulations of this state. It is hard for someone with no legal experience to comprehend the complex legal rulings by heart. An experienced Boynton Beach injury lawyer will help you walk confidently through the slippery lanes of legal proceedings and settlement negotiations. His/her astute guidance will help you avail either victorious verdict or justified settlement. Experienced Legal Counselor’s Efficiency Your personal injury lawyer will not only help you during the settlement negotiations or court proceedings. He/she will start helping you long before the case goes to trial or hits the floor of settlement negotiation. You will need the backup of irrefutable evidences in order to win any lawsuit or to convince an insurance adjuster about the severity of your injuries. An experienced lawyer will start gathering useful information regarding your injuries and accident from the moment of his/her appointment. A Boynton Beach injury lawyer will also keep you informed about your due responsibilities. Statute of Limitation – Slip Fall Injuries The first thing you have to remember after an accident is the Statute of Limitation. It is a legally-fixed deadline you are expected to maintain during the filing of an insurance claim or settlement negotiation. If you fail to file a claim/lawsuit within this deadline you will be barred from filing any claim forever. In the state of Florida this Statute of Limitation is four years for slip and fall injuries. The Boynton Beach falls within the jurisdiction of Florida. You also have to abide by this deadline of four years if you are a resident of this area. An experienced Boynton Beach injury lawyer will prevent you from missing this deadline. Pure Comparative Fault’s Noose The slip-and-fall accidental cases are not touch-and-go in the state of Florida. This state will use its own set of rules to determine the fault of the defendant and the plaintiff. If you have received injuries due to slip-and-fall injuries you will be considered as the plaintiff. The state will conduct an enquiry into your contribution to the accident before labeling defendant as the at-fault party. You will need the judicious guidance of an expert Boynton Beach injury attorney to prevent any untoward outcome.

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If you are found partly guilty the ‘pure comparative fault’ rule may reduce the amount of compensation after the trial. The reduction of your compensatory award will be equal to the percentage of your fault. If you are 10 guilty for your slip-and- fall accident you will experience 10 reduction from the amount of your compensation. An experienced Boynton Beach injury attorney may convince the court otherwise and may save you from experiencing these financial losses.

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How To Settle A Claim Against The Government Agency With Boynton Beach Personal Injury Lawyer You might have suffered accidental injuries in Boynton Beach due to a vehicle registered with the government. You may think about filing an insurance claim for the reimbursement of your losses against the respective governmental entity. The city/county/state will pass your request through a series of assessments. An expert Boynton Beach personal injury lawyer will help you file an undisputable claim. The Statute of Limitation in Boynton Beach for injury claims against a governmental entity is three years. Your personal injury lawyer will prevent you from missing this deadline in the event of any lawsuit/settlement negotiation. First Notice The first letter you will receive from the government after filing an insurance claim is known as Notice of Insufficiency. The government will try negating your claim to evade any legal responsibility. This letter will inform you about the insufficiency of your claim due to the absence of some important information. The claim formed by an expert Boynton Beach personal injury lawyer is unlikely to have any insufficiency. The presence of an attorney will save your claim from being negated at the first chance. In the event of any missing information you will be required to deliver the government-entity with the data in writing. Denial Letter The state will investigate into the veracity of your claim before starting any settlement negotiation. The state will present you with an official letter of denial in order to continue with the investigation. This denial period consists of 180 days in the State of Florida. The same rule applies to the claims made in Boynton Beach. You will receive a written notice against your claim within this period from the government entity. This letter will deny your claim officially. The Letter of Denial may negate your claim. It does not prohibit you from applying for any compensation. If anything this letter will give your Boynton Beach personal injury lawyer the opportunity to file a lawsuit against government. This lawsuit can only be filed after the expiry of 180 days. You may avoid the trial by partaking in a settlement negotiation with the insurance adjuster of the government entity. Absolute Silence You may receive no Letter of Denial within the 180 days of filing a complaint. This will only prove the disregard of the respective governmental entity towards your claim. An expert Boynton Beach personal injury lawyer will be able to handle this situation properly. A disregarded claim is regarded as a denied claim. Your attorney will be able to move forward with a lawsuit at the expiry of 180 days.

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Settlement Negotiation In Boynton Beach the government entity will begin settlement negotiation only after the formal denial of your claim. The insurance adjusters are known to apply tricks in order to reduce the amount of compensation. An expert Boynton Beach personal injury lawyer will be able to handle these tricks aptly. He/she will save you from receiving unjustified compensations.

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Resolve Legal and Insurance Issues with Boynton Beach Accident Attorney The ‘no-fault’ rule of Boynton Beach makes it compulsory for the car owners to have an automobile insurance. A resident of Boynton Beach needs to purchase the minimum coverage amounts for both PIP and PDL car insurances. You will need to file a claim with your own insurance company after an automobile accident. Resolving an insurance claim may become trickier for a layperson without any legal experience. You may need the expertise of a Boynton Beach accident attorney in order to receive appropriate compensations for your damages. Legal Assistance with PIP Protection The minimum limit of Personal Injury Protection/PIP insurance in Boynton Beach is 10000. You may require basic medical treatment/hospitalization/surgical corrections after an automobile accident. Your injuries may prevent you from performing vocational duties during the recuperation period or for the rest of your life. The PIP insurance will cover for your total medical expenses and loss of income up to the maximum limit of your policy. This insurance policy will also cover for the pains and sufferings of your child or other members of your family. This policy will cover for your losses even if you were walking/bicycling/biking during the accident. An expert Boynton Beach accident attorney will look into the details of your policy regulations and will prevent the insurance company from lowballing you. Legal Assistance with PDL Protection The PDL stands for Property Damage Liability. If you are the defendant in an automobile accident you will need the protection of PDL insurance. You may damage someone else’s property during the accident. In Boynton Beach your insurance company will be responsible for the reimbursement of the damaged property. The insurance companies are known for making delays in these payments. An expert Boynton Beach accident attorney will expedite the filing process. Boynton Beach Violation Penalties Not having an automobile insurance is equal to the violation of legal rules in Boynton Beach. It is also penalizing to have an inappropriate insurance policy that does not fulfill the minimum requirements of PIP and PDL policies. The Boynton Beach is located in the State of Florida. The DHSMV may suspend your automobile license in the presence of these legal violations. You will need to submit a few important documents for the reinstatement of your license registration and plates. You will also need to pay a penalizing amount before this reinstatement takes place. An experienced Boynton Beach accident attorney will help you file the documents properly. He/she may also reduce the penalizing amount through corroborating evidences. Legal Assistance with Lawsuit

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The no-fault rules of Boynton Beach will generally protect you from being sued as a defendant. This rule will not protect you if the plaintiff’s injuries are severely or permanently debilitating. You will need the assistance of an expert Boynton Beach accident attorney to tread the slippery routes of legal proceedings confidently.

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