Apps To Increase Android Battery Life

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Know about the top and best apps to increase the android battery life


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Apps To Increase Android Battery Life:

Apps To Increase Android Battery Life Presented by, Arthur G. Ware, http://


Introduction: Now a days, one of the biggest issues in android devices is a week battery life. So, here some of the apps which help you to improve your phone’s battery life. Make utilize these apps which are given in the upcoming slides and get rid from low battery problems.

1. Easy Battery Saver::

1. Easy Battery Saver: Easy Battery Saver is one of the best battery saving apps, which helps you to increase and save the battery life. It is considered as powerful app specially designed to extend the device battery life. This app will properly maintain your android phone's battery level, by controlling the battery usage of your phone’s network connectivity, screen timeout and screen brightness .

2. Battery Doctor:

2. Battery Doctor The name of this app may fun to hear, but “Battery Doctor” is the free and best battery saving app, which extend your battery life. This app evaluate your batter lowering time and stop the apps which are not in use. It will intimate about your device, that how much battery power will be extended if you shut down Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc.   ., Also, intimate about the hardware and software related issues.

3. DU Battery Saver:

3. DU Battery Saver It’s a shareware battery saving app that allows your android device to work long. Also, it presents the battery power management models even that solves your battery life issues and save your battery life within one touch control. Also, these apps help for android rooting It’s the best app which protect your device against battery hogging app, poor charging etc.,

4. Green Power Battery Saver:

4. Green Power Battery Saver The Green Power Battery Saver apps gives some more hour to sustain your battery power. This app is the best battery booster and power management software. It supports all types of the android phones with newer versions and also adds up 100% battery life depending on your mobile usage.


Conclusion: Read detail about this apps and pick up the one which suits for your phone to enhance your android phone’s battery life. Given by: http://

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